Exploring the Seven Seas and more!

Have you been outside lately? It is GORGEOUS fall weather…well except perhaps in California where I hear they are experiencing record triple-digit temperatures. MY GOSH!!!

As fall starts to arrive, Alex and I really like to get out and experience a number of “fall” activities that are popular in this area. We try to go apple picking, out to the local corn maize, and of course we go out to the pumpkin farm to pick pumpkins for Halloween! So when this past weekend started arriving I thought to myself, “Why self…Sunday would be PERFECT to go to the pumpkin farm and ride the hayride.” Too bad the weather had other plans for me.

Sunday morning we woke up and it was pouring. Absolutely drenching rain that led to low visibility when driving. Which quickly killed our plans to go up to the Dahlonega, GA mountains and Burt’s Pumpkin Patch. Since I had just spent all day Saturday cooped up inside working on our house, no way was  I staying home Sunday. So after perusing the AJC for fun, and cheap!, things to do in Atlanta, we settled on a great deal. Tickets to the Georgia Aquarium were only $15 each. Which is a great deal considering normally they are double that. So we grabbed tickets online, grabbed the camera and headed to the car all in a flurry of maybe 5 minutes. (This rush would be a fatal error later)

We got to the aquarium and immediately decided to go to the “Ocean Voyager” section which has a great tube where you can walk under all the creatures as well as a huge picture window that resembles a movie screen. This is the largest tank at the aquarium and has everything from tiny little fish, to Manta Rays, sharks, and the infamous Whale Sharks. It was absolutely amazing standing in that tunnel contemplating 1. The sheer amount of water over you and 2. The beauty of the animals gliding over and around you. Unfortunately this is where our earlier haste came to kick me in the bum. You remember how we rushed out the door and I just grabbed a camera fast? Well I managed to grab our OLD point and shoot camera that is really only good for sunny days. Plus (and boy did this teach me a lesson) I managed to forget that I would need extra batteries since this camera eats away at batteries. However, we did manage to grab a few really awesome photos. I will just let the pictures do the talking…(and again, I am really sorry for the quality)

From here we went over to the River Scout section where they’ve re-created several river environments that float over and around you. We also stopped for a brief photo-op taken by my very outstretched arm. If I had thought about this correctly I would have asked a nice stranger, but I didn’t … because I’m smart like that.

Then we were off to the Coldwater Quest where I attempted to adopt several more furries.  But not those spider crabs. Those things scare me so much! Unfortunately both the aquarium and my husband said no. Party poopers.

We briefly stopped by the Georgia Explorer section which is great for kids or easily entertained husbands, because you are able to touch a great number of creatures. They have workers at every single station providing info and helping guide you on how to safely experience the sea life that is around you.

Lastly we went through the Tropical Diver. I don’t have a ton of pictures from here, yet, because we gave up using the extremely lame old camera (at least some good came of this…Alex now fully understands WHY I want a DSLR camera) and started using Alex’s cellphone.  Which managed better photos. Luckily he hasn’t downloaded the pictures yet, so y’all get to miss out on the photo of me with my nose pressed to the glass like an enchanted child. However, it was only this particular part of the trip we were amazed to see some friends of ours.

We saw Nemo and his pals!

HI Guys!!!

All in all it was a great rainy day experience, and we had a ton of fun. We definitely want to go back in the future…like when their brand new dolphin exhibit opens up. The best part of the whole day, though, was it was something new and fun that both Alex and I were able to share. I loved being able to watch my husband’s wonderment at being able to feel a sea urchin. I know he loved how I was basically trying to get into several exhibits with how close I got to that glass. And together, we had a great date. Even though we are married, its super fun to see and explore those wonderment sides of one another.


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