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As part of my desire to grow in my hobby, plus to see if I really truly want an SLR (the answer is YES) camera, I’ve been trying to see if I have any talent for the task. Heart alone does not make it a worthy hobby, especially one such as photography. In order to help “assess” this part of myself I wanted to find a project I had an interest in. One I could play with at different times of the day and in different ways.

So I experimented with various pictures and styles before realizing that there is one photo assignment that has always captured my interest. It’s a somewhat compelling and occasionally controversial subject matter, but perhaps due to the losses I’ve experienced in life, one I’ve always been struck by. It is the photography and conceptualization of concrete angels.

Yup…cemeteries. I’m constantly struck by the beauty of the older style cemetery where there are tombstones galore, each with their own story to tell. Amazed at the more modern style with their “fields” of flowers. And captured by all the styles between.

I think it fitting and telling to view how we memorialize the dead. So, when I started thinking about this project I thought that perhaps I could do a little research by seeing what others have done before venturing out on my own.

So far I don’t have much, in part because I am still struck down by that fear of what others may think of me, how awkward I feel taking photos in what is a truly sacred place, and by how utterly out-of-place I feel in terms of “skill” and the camera. So as time passes you’ll start to see some of these photos pop up in my Flickr page.

Right now though, I’m still pushing myself to just get out there and TAKE photos. To overcome that natural shyness that is inherent to me. I was able to do some of this on this past Sunday while Alex was at work. (Boo for being called in so that we have NO weekend together. I really hate that.) And I learned a few vital lessons.

1. Focus your camera BEFORE you snap the photo….


This is where I learned to take a moment to actually focus my camera. Because I’m slow like that….actually, what this was was a case of assuming I had it right because my EYES could see just fine. My camera however does not have eyes like I do. Especially on fully manual. Chalk 1 up for inexperienced.

2. When walking in the woods, look for the fun that can make a great photograph

This was a tree that the park service just simply flattened the top of and added rails to and VOILA! We have a bridge. Simplicity and beauty melding together in perfect harmony. Great photography lesson too….

3. Sometimes, the trail you take to your destination is beauty in and of itself.

I have lots more pictures, mostly poor ones in my opinion, but to be fair I’ll upload them to my Flickr account shortly. Either way as you can see I’m still growing and learning. This is part of that whole “celebrate and maintain your own sense of self while in a marriage” bit that  I’ve talked about in the past. Photography is fun to me. I just gotta get over that whole nervous about stopping to take photos when no one else around me has a camera. Photos of the everyday. That and I need to learn to focus. Oh well at least I’m trying right?


(Thanks for agreeing with me. It really helps that self-esteem/nerves issue. Because I’m sure you are. You’re kind like that. And I appreciate it.)


8 responses to “Photo project

  1. Those are lovely! I love the one of the path especially-so beautiful.

    Also, I love cemeteries. (Hello, kindred spirit!) There’s something so moving about them, and–yeah, I don’t know. You put it so well in your post. I’m really excited to see how your pictures come out!

  2. Ramblings of a Singleton

    I’m very excited about this project cos I love your photos! They’re one of my absolute favourite things about your blog. You definitely have an eye for framing a shot. Looking forward to more. If by chance you ever find yourself in Ireland (!) we have a famous cemetery in Glasnevin where most of our patriots are buried, but it’s also the final resting place of ordinary people. There’s an eclectic mix of crypts, high crosses and more modest headstones. There’s also a round tower!

  3. @Kelly – thank you so much for the love! And I agree, Cemeteries are really beautiful. I can’t wait to go down to Macon, GA in a few weeks because the cemetery there spans the interstate its so large.

    @Ramblings – Aww /blush. And I’ll definitely remember about Ireland, now how to convince the hubby that I need to go to Ireland for a photo op??

  4. Awesome photos! Glad you’re learning and thanks for sharing!

  5. I love photography too it is so much fun. Like that picture of a bridge. I actually just added cemetary to my “need to photograph” list… If you want help actually getting out there and taking pictures there is this great meme called scavenger hunt sunday, totally got me to think out side my style for some photos!

  6. If you want to go somewhere a little closer, New Orleans has the most beautiful, haunting cemetaries since all the tombs (is that the right word?!?) have to be above ground. Super cool!!!

  7. @mct88 – thank you for the compliments and the comment!

    @Theresa – Why thank you very much! Can you email me the meme info about the Scavenger hunt sunday? My contact info is on my contact page. Please and thank you!!

    @Mom & Dem – I would LOVE to go to New Orleans, although I have to admit…I went to Savannah, GA once and was completely freaked out and compared to N’orlans I hear that is nothing “ghostly”-wise.

  8. You’ll get better the more pictures you take, and the more you look at them and figure out what you like/don’t like about them.

    I’m a amateur but I love it. I will confess to (at one point) carring my digital SLR in my purse everywhere I went, because it seemed that I’d see things and wish I had a camera. I’ve recently bought a really good digital point and shoot because I about threw my shoulder out for all the stuff in there (I had a Flip, too! Never know when the hubs is gonna do something you wish you could catch on vid!)

    I’m the one on the side of the road standing on the hood of my car to get the right angle. Sometimes it works, sometimes I’m lying in the ditch because I fell.

    Do it, enjoy it for YOU.

    popping in from the Oink Tribe.