Pounding the pavement, I hope

You see this snarky little scale right here?


with no batteries!


I’ve grown tired of the mocking. So I’ve decided to shut the scale up by doing two things. 1. Removing the batteries (hard to mock me without any juice isn’t you nasty ol’ scale!) and 2. Start running. Alas, I am not a runner. In fact I’m pretty sure I’m the farthest thing from a runner. But I’m determined…for now.

In all seriousness though, I’ve been trying to find out a way that I can exercise without joining a gym since they are pesky and charge you fees, and also one that I can do alone. I am super clumsy so that put off doing any exercise DVD’s that require coordination enough to jump, kick, punch and not cause massive injuries all at the same time. After that I thought, well running. Running is good. But I stink at it. I fully admit I can barely huff and puff myself down the street. Now that is not to say I’m horribly out of shape, as I can walk and walk for miles and be fine. Stairs and I…we’re good. Hiking, great there too. Jumping jacks, push-ups, etc and I’m golden. Running kicks my bum and I just don’t know why.

Still I’ve resolved to get my act together. They say having a running buddy is helpful, but Alex runs like there is no tomorrow and can do so without any practice. Which irritates me and him since once he starts he just goes and goes and goes. I always have to walk at least half of the way. My brother is the same. My father is/was a marathon runner for YEARS. My mom is physically unable to run. I know no neighbors that can or would run with me. That leaves me and my friendly iPod. This also makes it harder on me because all the pressure is on my own self to succeed, but I have a goal to help.

I have the wedding I am in, in only two weeks. My goal at this point – run every day between now and then. Even if I only run a half mile each time. (Which, if I am honest, is pretty darn likely.) I’m hoping if I quit focusing on the distance aspect and focus more on the “just doing it” aspect I’ll get somewhere before I even realize it.  The only other thing I need is  a set “path.” See if you look at old photos of me from middle school and elementary school you’ll notice one glaring thing. I was IN TRACK CLUB! I was a runner. I had a track I had to run around four times as warm up three times a week. That, my friends, is what I need again. (Well I need that or someone who stinks as bad as I do to run with me so we can encourage each other.) So as I drove home yesterday I drove, yes I realize the irony, the route I’m going to start walking running every day. Now I am going to come up with a time to run, which is preferably full dark where no one else can see how badly I stink at running. In all seriousness though I am swinging between getting up earlier (HARD!) and doing it as soon as I get home (HARD!).

So I guess, my question at this point is for all you runners out there. How do I get past that hump of “I stink and I hate this” to the happy endorphins everyone keeps saying I’ll have? I am sure you just “do it” but that method has failed me every time I’ve tried to start in the past, so I don’t know. Any ideas??


13 responses to “Pounding the pavement, I hope

  1. I. Hate. Running. I don’t know why I can’t do it, but I just can’t. You’re right though – it’s an awesome way to lose weight and tone legs/butt. Why are the things that are good for us so yucky?

  2. Wanna run after work sometimes? Like Wednesdays/Fridays?

  3. Hey! I felt the same way as you did about running. I have NEVER been a runner and I hated running. In Feb, my sister and I decided that we needed to get in shape for ourselves. So, we decided to start running. We did the Couch to 5K program, http://www.coolrunning.com/engine/2/2_3/181.shtml. It gives you the confidence to feel like a runner and I have to admit finally enjoy the running! Good luck!

  4. Grandma Judy

    If running bothers you, just walk as fast as you can. Still gets your heart rate up and doesn’t mess with your hips and knees. Or run 100 steps and walk 300 steps, etc.
    It’s amazing how much more energy you will have if you get out and hoof it after work. Since I can’t walk/run any more, I go to the pool and exercise early evening. Postpones eating dinner that way, so I don’t get so hungry in the evenings. Keep trying…..you will like it once you get in the habit.

  5. I was about to mention Couch to 5K but Jill beat me to it! It really is a great program, and there are a lot of podcasts out there that are timed to work with each week. Good luck!

  6. ouch only a 2 star rating? Where did I go wrong??