Pumpkins and Pick up lines

Fall is great. Fall is wonderful. Fall is crisp air, apple orchards, pumpkin farms, and corn “maizes.” Wait? Did I say crisp air? There was not “Crisp” air yesterday in the mountains of North Georgia. Oh no, more like sweating, hot, people in shorts and tanks DYING of heat “crisp” air. What the?? Who turned on the heater already?

Despite the heat, Alex and I did get to go out to the highly popular Burt’s Pumpkin Patch in North Georgia and we certainly had fun. It was the first time Alex had ever been and while I had been in the past, it has been so many years I don’t actually remember the last time I went there. Elementary school time frame I believe. So essentially, we were able to share this new adventure together.

The day started out great, we were able to get up early and out the door fairly quickly with only a single comment from me about how I needed batteries for my camera. (On a side note, don’t you hate that you see a GREAT shot while you are either loading new batteries or your batteries have just died in your camera? Yea, me too.) So we briefly stopped before taking the scenic route. The route I choose. The winding, curvy, weaving route through gorgeous North Georgia. Except I forgot one teeny tiny issue. I get car sick. I get car sick if I’m in the car too long, this was a multi-hour drive. I get car sick if the roads curve, we were on mountains. I get car sick if I sit in the back seat, not a problem on this ride because Alex has issues when I sit in the back and request he chauffeur me around. Who would have guessed that? Not me! Still it was a gorgeous drive. See?


pretty hills on our drive


Of course the entire drive was punctuated by remarks like, “Honey, you don’t look so hot. Are you gonna be ok?”

“Alex, shut up and drive or I’m going to aim at you if I get sick.”

Meanwhile Alex is enjoying the drive and his handling of his jeep around curves that trigger some g-force feelings in my stomach…oh that and the drop-offs. You know the “Hey Punkin, Look at that stream down there!”

“Oh god…”

After we arrived at Burt’s and I had a few moments of “oh my gosh, I’m gonna die, let me go in peace” laying the shade of the trees, we were off to explore the pumpkin patch. Of course we first had to fight our way past the huge mass of people who had caught the pumpkin fever and were now attempting to load 60 lb+ pumpkins into their small sedans along with the stroller and multiple car seats. That was almost as entertaining as the hayride! Still once inside the pumpkin patch we explored marveling over the pumpkin’s, the crowds (we are not much for crowds and generally avoid anything that promises to be hugely popular and busy…so this was a novel experience for us) and the overall atmosphere of the place.

After standing in line to get tickets to ride the hayride, where we would need to stand in another line, we decided to go over and grab a quick snack at the concessions area.

Alex indulged in the oh-so-healthy Pumpkin Pie and a cup of water, which he desperately needed because it really was unbelievably hot yesterday.

While I elected to go for the nachos and cheese and a cup of water, which was a pain since you know me…I prefer my beverages in the dark and fizzy state.

From there we elected to wander through the shaded and much less crowded pumpkin patch near us to grab the photos you see on the Facebook Page, and then hop in the next line. While in line we had a great couple moment. We met, spoke, and ultimately exchanged phone numbers with another couple there with their young children. Dating for couples! We all ended up riding the hay ride together where we passed by scarecrows, a haunted bridge, and the town’s main attraction…talking pumpkins!

At the end of the day we didn’t walk out with any pumpkins (blasphemy I know!) because of our budget, but we did grab some Indian corn to decorate our garage with at Alex’s request. Overall, the weekend was a huge success and is really making me look forward to our next adventure couple. Perhaps it will be hanging out with our new friends!


7 responses to “Pumpkins and Pick up lines

  1. Ramblings of a Singleton

    I’m so jealous! When I was younger I always watched pumpkin picking scenes in American children and teen programming and wished we had an equivalent here in Ireland. It looks like so much fun! Most people don’t bother with pumpkins here, but if you really want to push the boat out for Halloween, you can pick up some sad, shriveled ones at the supermarket … I love the idea of rows of fresh ones! Oh, and what does pumpkin pie taste like?

    • Dear “Ramblings” –
      Ah, the topic of pumpkin pie. Personally, one of my favorite fall treats. let’s see, where to begin on the taste and texture…
      Pumpkin pie has a wonderfully tasty melding of flavors. From the rich nuttiness of baked pumpkin, she sweetness of a bit of sugar, and the ever so slight bite of fresh cinnamon, it’s all so good! The crust of the pie is also important to the flavor. The standard pie dough shell is the most common, flaky crispness with a very light buttery taste. Another crust that is sometimes used is graham-cracker based, with a very complimentary hint of honey that goes quite well with the pumpkin filling of the pie itself. Some people choose to garnish their pumpkin pies with a small handful of chopped pecans sprinkled on top along with a dollop of cool, smooth, and creamy Cool-Whip brand whipped cream.
      Serving the pie slices is all up to personal preference. It can be served warm or cold (I prefer mine slightly chilled, or room temperature). Also, while enjoying a perfect slice of the harvest season, pumpkin pie is best washed down with an ice-cold glass of apple cider. There is no better pairing than apple cider and pumpkin pie to thoroughly take in the spirit of the fall harvest! Now that I have made myself quite hungry for pie and cider, I truly hope that you and your family can soon indulge in this seasonal treat and get a taste of an American tradition in Ireland. Keep in touch with me and my wife and I will try to get you my grandmother’s recipe for pumpkin pie and cider. Hope that helps to answer your curiosity about pumpkin pie, enjoy!
      – Alex

      • Ramblings of a Singleton

        Oh wow, Alex, I almost wish you hadn’t written this … my mouth was watering reading your description! Yum! Seriously, though, thanks for going to so much trouble … I’m off now in search of pumpkin pie. Someone in Dublin has to sell it, surely!

  2. I have to be honest – I cook pie every year, I’ve been handed down the recipe for generations, it smells delicious…I do not eat pumpkin pie. I’ll grab Alex this evening and get him to type a reply because for me to say “Yucky!” isn’t a really great reply 🙂

  3. Maegan Hebebrand

    I’m not quite as jealous, however, envious might be a better word. Hopefully plan on changing that though–especially if the new guy keeps up. He has a little girl and I think it would be a wonderful thing to pick out pumpkins for fall/Halloween each year. There’s something about doing that as a “family” type thing that just makes it fun. Be the family a newlywed couple with no children or a family of five. The pumpkin pie part though…definitely jealous. I could probably eat my weight in pumpkin pie. Its one of my fall favorites. Actually anything pumpkin or hazelnut is. Though I have to admit, I prefer my homemade pumpkin cheesecake! Yum! It sounds likes you two had an awesome weekend and I look forward to a time where I have someone to enjoy that with!

    • Aww don’t be too envious, we were melting! Plus I think I spent about half my time there looking at the little babies, the pregnant women, and the dad’s with their kid’s hand in theirs going “AWWW” and nudging Alex. Its a wonder he didn’t bruise 🙂

  4. Next time you ride with Alex on the curvy roads, either take a bucket and some Bonine (1/4 pill will do–buy at Walmart or Walgreens) or do the driving yourself.
    I know you loved doing the pumpkin patch scene with Alex. It is so exciting. Am I’m very proud of you that you didn’t spend a fortune buying a pumpkin!
    I’m with Alex—-love pumpkin pie, even for breakfast!