Halloween Celebrations

I decided to join a fun little BlogFest being hosted by Cerebral Lunchbox and today is one of the post days! What fun right? I sure think so since without 1. the friendly little email reminder saying we needed to get our posts up and 2. the topic du jour my poor little brain would be staging a protest with little signs and everything.

(I wonder what the signs would say, maybe something like “No writing without good lighting!” Although, hopefully they [my nuclei/brain cells] are better at slogans than I clearly am at the moment.)

So without further ado, here is the topic and then my reply: October 12th, 2010
Remember the days when TV shows used to have special holiday episodes?  I know, it’s been a long time.  What’s your favorite Halloween episode from a TV show?
If your one of those young people that don’tremember when TV was fun, what’s your favorite scary TV show or movie? (I laughed hard at this one…)

Now then, my favorite t.v. show would without doubt, have to be anything on the travel channel. Now I know, I know…Charlie Brown and The Great Pumpkin is typically THE SHOW to watch for this holiday time and I do watch it, but I can’t help myself. From America’s Scariest Hotels to the Most Haunted Places in America, to best Haunted Houses, you name it if its travel related I’m parked in front of my television watching. I just love it! Plus it fills my travel-bug needs while we are unable to adventure far from home.

What about you? Is there anything you absolutely love to watch during this holiday season? Oh and be sure to check out the link above for Cerebral’s blog if you want to join the super fun BlogFest!


18 responses to “Halloween Celebrations

  1. Isn’t it funny how the Travel channel keeps us glued to our seat, thereby preventing us from doing just the thing they’re encouraging us to do? I’m not gonna deny it though…Travel channel is awesome. Though, I get more into the food shows then the haunted house shows.

  2. Maegan Hebebrand

    My all time favorite thing to watch is Mad Monster Party. It’s an old clay-mation style movie, and completely corny. I remember watching it growing up and I even have in on DVD now for when this time of the year rolls around. Of course, Charlie Brown and the Great Pumpkin is nice to watch, as well as a childhood classic, but for me, Halloween isn’t complete without my Mad Monster Party. That, and of course, Bette Midler, Kathy Najimi and Sarah Jessica Parker in Hocus Pocus, and Nightmare Before Christmas. My top three Halloween must haves!

  3. The travel channel is fun to watch, and I do love the haunted hotels and any kind of haunted America stories! But my time near Halloween is spent watching baseball even when my favorite team, the St. Louis Cardinals, are not part of the picture.


  4. I love watching all of those haunting shows! Especially the ones where they actually visit the places instead of just talk about them. I’d love to go and stay in some of the haunted hotels some time. Even if I didn’t have anything happen, I have a feeling I’d be up all night waiting.

    • See last time I stayed in a haunted place I scared myself silly. I didn’t even see anything, the mind games they work on me TOO well 🙂 But I’m still going back to Savannah, GA next year and will attend the haunted tours just because!

  5. Oh my god have you seen Drag Me To Hell? Me and my husband laughed so hard at certain points during that movie, although it is really gross. You have to see it if you haven’t.

    (He got that for me for my first mother’s day. How romantic hey? lol)

  6. Actually, The Great Pumpkin is the only one I can think of so I guess it’s lucky that I like it, huh? 😉

  7. I LOVE to watch all the ghost and paranormal shows that the Discovery Channel and Animal Planet run like they’re going out of style. As if October weren’t creepy enough, I like to fill my head with more creepy nonsense… 🙂

  8. As I work my way through the blogs on this blogfest topic, more and more shows pop into my addled brain. Right now I’m thinking about “The Rocky Horror Picture Show.” Dammit, Janet!

  9. I love haunted hotels. But even some of the ghost shows on Travel Channel have gone downhill. I mean, yeah ghost hunters have to make a living too, but how many times can you really watch a bunch of people wander through dark, blue lit hallways?

    • Ohh I know – we could all just watch that movie, Blair Witch Project, which is basically all those shows are now. I just like hearing the back-stories to why there are ghosts in the first place 🙂