My Thought Filled Thursday


Gosh squirrels look cute when they sit up in a tree and chuck nuts at your head. But when they run across the road and they get within inches…INCHES…of their destination and then they freeze. Do you ever wonder what they are thinking? I sure do. Perhaps it’s like Eddie Izzard says “Did I leave the gas on? Wait no…I’m a [bleeping] squirrel!”


I really need to start eating breakfast. But that means I have to wake up earlier. I don’t like getting up early. Dang mornings and their morningness. I wish my day could start at noon. Of course, the cats would wake me up at 6 a.m. anyway. Figures…might as well keep getting up early.


Nikon? Canon? Nikon? Canon? Why the choices and the debates and the Oh.My.Goodness choices! Canon is what I use. Canon is a system I know. Canon also has a wider range of lens choices since they are backward compatible. But Nikon … they are so shiny! (Nerd moment…god I miss Firefly) Plus some of my bloggy heroes use Nikons. But let’s face it this is a moot point since we can’t afford it any time soon anyway. But oh the shiny!

My bloggy interweb friends

Gosh I like you guys a whole lot. I hope you like me. I wonder how I could improve the site. I wonder if I can talk Alex into allowing me to put this on Oh wow he might not like me so much if I tell him how much. But…I want. I want the flash options. The design options. The options man, the options! But it costs money. We are on a budget. A budget I made. Dagnabit. Trapped by my own rules. Hmm, rules are meant to be broken. I must finagle my way through this. I hope my interweb friends like what I’m doing. I sure hope they’d tell me if they don’t. But wait, who besides family reads this? Hah! Alex! Yes! I am loved. Go me.

Dinner tonight

Yikes it’s already 9:30 a.m., I need to decide on dinner. Why do I always plan dinner? Oh wait, that’s because Alex’s plans involve restaurants. A lot. Restaurants are yummy. I don’t have to cook OR clean at restaurants. BUDGET STEPHANIE! (Did you know this thing keeps telling me my name is spelled wrong? I’m pretty sure I got that part covered Mr. spell-checker thingamabob.) Dagnabit. Um … I’ll decide dinner when I get home. Spaghetti is always an option. And it’s tasty.


Why does it take so long to have the first one? This whole, it will happen business is bull fed to you by the people who already have kids and forget those months of hope and disappointment in a vicious cycle. Gosh I look forward to Alex as a dad. He’ll be a great dad. I can’t wait to be a mom. I’m insane.

I need coffee.

And that my friends, that is my mind in about 30 minutes. Now you understand why Alex sometimes has the urge to lock me up or feed me wine by the bottle. Of course, he loves me because of that whole meant for each other soul mates business, but still. I’m a loon. Hope that was at least entertaining, and if not I’ll try to get it back together for tomorrow. Somehow. If you have seen my wandering mind lately would you please direct it back to my house? If it needs directions you can provide it my email, Facebook, or twitter info. I respond to everything. Eventually. Ohh, shiny camera!


5 responses to “My Thought Filled Thursday

  1. Hi! I found your blog by doing a search for “photography” tags. Since I’ve been poking around in your posts I thought I’d say hi. 🙂

  2. This was a very wandering blog. Hard to follow…….
    Oh well, at least I know what you are thinking.
    Your dad and I both think you are a terrific writer! Keep up the good work.