Playing Dress Up

Halloween is the perfect time to indulge your childhood ability to be whoever you want to be! In fact, some of my favorite costumes are from when I was younger and able to go all out thanks to supportive parents who were also, luckily, creative despite the rules. You know, nothing R-rated for violence, etc. Which ruled out all the popular costumes like Freddy, Edward Scissor-hands, and half the women’s costumes you see today.

Still – I loved being everything from a 50’s girl with my poodle skirt

To a princess (the one and ONLY time my mom got me in fluff with the exception of my wedding gown)

To one of my more creative moments, a conjoined twin!


Obviously not me, but still same principle!


This year, Alex keeps going on and on and ON about his favorite costumes.

His fallback idea of Ace Ventura…


totally can see it!


And this year’s goal of Waldo.


Alex's Dream Costume


Could someone please explain to me where my redneck cowboy came up with these ideas?

So what about you? What is your favorite costume you’ve ever worn? Or perhaps its a going TO where for this year. Either way, please share! If you have pictures you can post them up on the Facebook page in a Halloween photo album. Just create your own and upload away!


10 responses to “Playing Dress Up

  1. Maegan Hebebrand

    I think my favorite was my “sexy” pirate outfit I wore, like 2-3 years ago. I went all out for that costume. I have pictures, I’ll have to post them on FB, if they aren’t already amongst the plethora of photos I have up. The reason I liked this one so much is not only the great response I got initially (because everyone thought I looked like a female sexy version of Captain Morgan–even the bar made me carry around a bottle and oh, the pictures I took!), but the following year, everyone remembered me when I couldn’t get an outfit. I was astounded by the remarks of “You’re the Captain Morgan girl!!!” People still remembered me, even though I was in everyday clothes! My second favorite would have to be the outfit BJ’s mom helped me make last year, which was the Queen of Hearts. 🙂

  2. Ugh. I am terrible with costumes. I was always the kid that everyone was asking, “What are YOU supposed to be?”

    Thankfully my MIL sews so my kids always have great costumes.

  3. I remember one Halloween in Wichita when the snow was so deep it come in over my knee-high boots. I had to wear coats which totally covered my costume (whatever it was that year). We all still managed to get lots of “treats.”

  4. I meant it CAME in over my knee-high boots (not come). I need to proofread before I click “Post.”

  5. Ramblings of a Singleton

    Totally loving the poodle-skirt … in fact, you’ve given me an idea for this year! I absolutely adore Halloween, so much fun! I usually go to a big charity ball and everyone makes a real effort with their costumes. Last year I went as Marie Antoinette!

  6. JDaniel4's Mom

    I don’t dress up now! I love being the mom of costumed little boy. I waited so long to have him.