Trick OR Treat gimme something good to eat

Sugar and spice, peanuts and caramel, big and small, round and square, bar, cup, and a handful of bites make up the sugary sweet section of my pantry right now. But it’s that time of year, where you prepare for the goblins, the ghouls, the celebrities, and all sorts of strangers to grace your door with one simple request…

“Trick Or Treat!” They’ll cry with glee. (Hopefully none of them will follow through with the Trick portion of this tradition.)

So I’ve prepped myself knowing we’ll get trick or treaters to come to our house. And since this is our first year in our house,  I choose to hand out mini-candy bars. Mostly because they are easy to find, easy to hand out, and  I can snack on them if they aren’t taken by the end of the night. YUM! Still, I know some people choose to hand out a larger variety of items on this holiday.

Why just the other day on the radio in my hometown people called in to spell out the WORST and the BEST treats they had ever received. On the BEST list were items like and iPod (I need to be trick or treating in this neighborhood that is for sure!), the full-sized candy bar, and real dollar coins mixed up with your chocolate ones. The WORST list included a toothbrush (come on, really? You are just asking to get tricked with that kind of treat), Dum Dum’s,  and by far the most interesting item on either list were the dollar alcohol samples of vodka and rum. Yes, I did just say that someone handed out alcohol chasers. Evidently parents were unaware until their children arrived home and the parents sorted through the candy to pull the bad and inappropriate so no one knows exactly who decided this would be a great idea…

Anyhow – so as I’m evidently in the boring but classic style with my oh-so-popular mini candy bars hand-outs, I want to know what y’all have experienced.  For me, it was always the house that handed out apples as the worst because they would get crushed. The best was the house that either gave out two handfuls of candy each or the house that gave out bags of popcorn. YUM!!

So, I’m curious what is the BEST and WORST treat you’ve ever received?


6 responses to “Trick OR Treat gimme something good to eat

  1. I don’t remember that far back, but I know my kids always hoard all the chocolate (except Almond Joys) and Skittles and throw the Bit o’ Honeys away.

  2. Oh the BEST is when they give out the popcorn balls (so yummy & sweet!) or candied apples. The worst, for me, is that weird candy in the black & orange wrappers. Supposed to be peanut butter or something? Ick! And I agree with Mindee, throw the Bit o’ Honeys in the TRASH!

  3. I liked ALL candy! We put my “haul” in a big roaster pan on top of the fridge and I could eat some everyday. Back in the olden days (!) they only gave out small candies but we made sure we went to lots of houses so we still made out like bandits. I didn’t like the apples. I wanted candy!