Cobwebs in the corner, zombies in the street

Well we’ve discussed candy and costumes, now its on to Decor!

I know I’ve talked about it before, but I LOVE to decorate for the holidays. With that being said, due to a number of budget constraints I’ve had to cut back a LOT (read that as zip, nadda, zero decorations) for Halloween. Still, I love to drive through the neighborhoods and see what everyone has put out.

I have neighbors who go with the classic cobwebs everywhere look

To the more southern tradition, at least in my eyes, of using Christmas lights for every holiday!

And then we have the neighbor who seems to have a slight graveyard issue in his front yard, not that you can ever tell because this and some orange garland around his mailbox (which becomes remarkably easy to find at night) are the sum of all decor.

And then there is our house. Our poor, pathetic, lamely decorated for Fall and fall alone house. I’m hoping to go nutso with the Christmas stuff only because I already own it all!

So my question for you is two parts 1. how much do you actually DO for decor this time of year and 2. how much do you SPEND? As you can tell, I fall into a big fat “0” for both of those questions. :-p Although, Thanksgiving is already handled!


8 responses to “Cobwebs in the corner, zombies in the street

  1. Ramblings of a Singleton

    How cool are those decorations?! Halloween decorating hasn’t really caught on here … some people do it, but they’re very much the exception so to answer your questions – it’s a big fat zero from me too! Excited to see what you have planned for Thanksgiving.

  2. Stephanie; my new peep, I go all out for Halloween! I gather the large cardboard stock at Lowe’s. It’s looks to be the size of a garage door and I use it for many things that I’ll discuss later with you. Most of my decorations are exterior and I’m currently working on the interior of the house. I don’t buy much except cobwebs (the cotton kind because they glow under black light), candy, black paint, and etc. I’ll spend most of my money on the party I will host but for my yard haunt…it’s between $20 to $50 maybe.

  3. Since it’s your dad’s birthday, your folks surely have more decorations than they can ever use. Ask if you can have or borrow some……

  4. Hello I found you through SITS. Great post, so nice to see how festive people can get for Halloween. As for me I don’t decorate the house, but I try to doll up at least costumer wise. This year I’m dressing up as the mad hatter and my date will be Waldo 😀 What about you?

    • I’m still impressed by people who dress up since I don’t typically take the time unless I’m going to party. This year no party = no costume. Are you going to a party or just dressing up to hand out candy?