They’re spooky and they’re creepy

Halloween week you are coming to a close. Tomorrow will be Alex’s family recipe for Pumpkin Pie straight from his Grandma’s mental cookbook. But today, oh today we have to talk about all things Scary. Terrifying. Haunted!

OK I’ll be the first to admit, I’m a wimp. No really, I whimper at needles…and I’m getting subjected to these today, but yes I have a tattoo. But I digress as that’s a whole ‘nother story. I FREAK OUT when bugs come near me. This is why I rarely go camping with the hubby though he loves the outdoors. (Duhr…the man owns a car excuse me Jeep that can literally come apart and be re-built just for fun. And was originally built for the military…Alex made me add that part) I have such a vivid imagination that I typically dream in color which is why I also routinely scare myself awake. My mind is a horror movie waiting to happen. So the one thing at Halloween I avoid like the plague is haunted houses.

Ahhhh the glorious tradition of Haunted Houses. Despite a time-honored tradition of Halloween being the perfect time to scare one silly, I fail to see the “entertainment” in scaring myself. This is surely ironic since I live in the state that is home to America’s #1 Haunted Attraction. Yet I find myself continually drawn to attend these houses of horror. My favorite being the one a Disney World. Who can resist that fun little ending? (And no, I’m not spelling that out here just in case you have never been …. the surprise at the end is fun!)

Why yes I am a mass of contradictions, why do you ask?

As the month comes to a close and Halloween draws ever closer Alex has decided that now is the time to look up just where we ought to go! I say “The couch!” (Not that anyone ever listens to me.)

Since I absolutely refuse to go to Netherworld Alex has located a few perfectly good alternatives including a haunted corn maze, a haunted house across the street from the mall, and a free one. He’s playing on my weaknesses that smarty-pants!

So I’ve turned to you my friends, may I call you friend? I hope so since I consider you as such. I turn to you to help me decide which haunted house I should subject myself too. All are reputed to be on par with one another in terms of the “Scare” factor.

Should I go to:

  1. The Haunted house by the mall. Terrifying with loads of crowds and an angel of death who beckons you into the door, but also near great shopping AND a bar. Which I may need afterwards.
  2. The Haunted Corn Maze. The maze is fun in and of itself, just the haunted parts that weird me out….Children of the Corn anyone? Plus it’s near my house and I have coupons. Oh and they have an s’mores bonfire at the end.
  3. The free Haunted house. I don’t know too much about this one since its brand-spankin’ new to my part of town. But it’s free. Of course this may mean a LOT more crowds. Who knows…this one is a gamble.

So my friends . . . Where should I go? Where would YOU go?


3 responses to “They’re spooky and they’re creepy

  1. I vote the Corn Maze. I’ve been to a non-haunted one and it was so much fun (and spooky enough as it is). It’s a different take on a haunted house and something unique, which is always my choice when faced with lots of options.

  2. You should do the free one since you are trying to keep from spending money. Altho the corn maze sounds fun.