Who exactly is a newlywed?

Because I love you. Because I can. Because the recipe post bored even me…today you get 2 for the price of 1!

The most interesting terms bring people to this blog sometimes, but recently one of them struck me because its question is one Alex and I have been struggling with recently. So much so we’ve contemplated changing the tag line of this very blog!

“When can you no longer be considered newlywed?”

Now people who have been married a number of years have let us know that we are still young, still newlyweds, still feeling out things in our relationship for goodness sake. Yet, when we talk to friends who have either recently gotten engaged or who have recently wed (including the cute couple whose wedding is this weekend) we don’t FEEL newlywed. Yet it’s only been 13 months. Logically, we are still newlyweds. Right?

Our relationship bounced from terms so fast its kind of mind-boggling to both Alex and myself that we are now just “married.”Not that being married is anything to be a “just” about, but we hopped from dating, to a serious relationship to engaged, to just married, to newlyweds in a little over a year. So perhaps you can understand how when people ask us how long we’ve been married and we reply the look of “hmmmm” that comes over our faces.

In saying all that we think we’ve come to a solution to solve this ever-present conundrum.

And searcher, if you are out there reading this I hope it helps!

For our purposes, a newlywed shall hence forth be applied to a newly wedded couple up until their first anniversary and can extend into a “gray” area of approximately six months depending on personal relationship dynamics –OR- until a close friend or family member weds. At which point the couple shall henceforth be seen as married and no longer newlywed. We clear? Great!

So in case you were wondering….I’m no longer a newlywed! Hence the tag line change…we are now a Young and Married Couples’ life!

Hope this cleared everything up and if it didn’t well you can’t blame me! It’s not like I’m some philosopher or anything. I’m just a woman living out her life for all the world to see read.


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