Celebrating Life

By taking photos of a cemetery? No I’m not crazy. I just think that by looking at how we memorialize a loved one’s passing is a great way to consider how we celebrate life. I went out last week and took some photos to start this project off and since my brain is still recovering from over 2 and a half days of solid wedding “GO!” time I wanted to share a small smattering of what I have. The rest of these are up on Flickr and you can click on my Flickr page using the link over to right of this post.

All of these photos were taken at a local church cemetery that I pass on my way home from work daily. It’s a rather old church so the cemetery has both new and old markers. I hope y’all enjoy!


A trio of crosses



Single marker that is actually one of the smaller ones



Trees surround this area



I love how you can go from a Single plot...to a Family



And what people use to remember those who have passed


My favorite….


This one speaks straight to my heart



13 responses to “Celebrating Life

  1. Ramblings of a Singleton

    Great shots. There’s a tradition in Ireland (and presumably elsewhere) that members of the travelling community commemorate their loved ones with large, elaborate and ornate headstones. I was recently watching a documentary about the community’s traditions and there was an interesting explanation given. Because, in life, they don’t spend large sums of money on houses, it’s considered appropriate and fitting to mark the final resting place in a significant way.

  2. I enjoy walking through cemeteries, especially old ones. We have an older one in our city that I wander through from time to time.

  3. There’s a beautiful (and HUGE) cemetery in Lexington that I used to go take pictures for photo class in ALL THE TIME. Really big markers and statues everywhere, and a monument/tomb for Henry Clay.

  4. Beautiful pictures. I am fascinated with cemeteries (although they still kinda creep me out.)

  5. I hope someone puts a donkey on my tombstone.

  6. Love the pictures!

  7. You are a great photographer as well as a great writer!