The one for me

You ever have those moments when you know you married the perfect person for you (please note I did not say a perfect person…Alex is not perfect. I am, but he refuses to acknowledge that aspect of me. But I need someone to keep my wonderfulness grounded!)?

Well I sure do! Case in point is last night as Alex and I are watching t.v. Harley decides that he must get under the wall unit. Head first. Too bad his head is bigger than the space. So Alex decides to toss a mouse in his direction. Only his plan backfired.

One tossed mouse later we have Harley streaking across the living room all poufy. Harley runs straight into Beezle who jumps up and gets that whole deer in the headlights look. You know this one?


So not our cat, but the look is EXACTLY right


Then turns to the left and freezes.

Turns to the right and freezes

Then faces forward and runs straight ahead. Face first into our fireplace screen. Which leads both Alex and I to burst out laughing while poor Beezle sits on the floor shaking his head.

And then, then the moment happened. My husband, that big manly cowboy of mine reaches down and picks up our cat (and he is gonna kick my tooshie for sharing this) but he leans over and cradles Beezle like a baby kissing his nose and let’s out this little nugget of wisdom…

“Beezle, I am your skipper to your Gilligan. You’re my retarded little buddy. I love you”

And with a kiss on the nose Alex let him down and Beezle wandered off to play with Harley. Me…I’m still giggling. Marriage is best when the person you marry makes you laugh at the darndest things.


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