I’m a laugher not a fighter

Last night Alex and I sat in bed giggling, well I giggled and he laughed. It was great. I was way happy. I mean who wouldn’t love to spend an hour or more just laughing about the most inane things with their spouse, right? Except for one thing.

One itsy bitsy, teeny weenie, tiny little thing.

We were supposed to be trying to make a baby!!

Oh yea we ARE the married couple to beat. Who knew sex (oh my gosh, I totally just said it didn’t I…cover your eyes kids) would be awkward AFTER marriage. But guess what. It can be! And it is sadly.

Now for the friends and family reading this post, apologies for perhaps the TMI moments, but I can’t help it. Which really, I mean where did you expect us to get the kid from? Last I checked we have no mulberry bushes around and storks, while native to Georgia, haven’t been hanging ‘round our house. And quite frankly, if a bird DID show up at our house bearing a child I’d look more like this lady

than clapping my hands with glee.

Anyway….sorry my mind is rambling today. Point is, turns out sex (there I go again) isn’t anything like the movies or the books or heck your college buddies tales of debauchery once you get married. I’m sure some of this comes as no surprise, but when you factor in tired plus housework plus an actual end-all be-all GOAL to your special time Alex and I…we just giggle and laugh till we fall asleep.

I know we want a child, we’ve talked about it. Heck in the midst of all our guffawing (BIG WORD!) last night we did actually have a serious conversation. Having a child and making this decision is big and scary for both of us. It also happens to be what we want. We also want new flooring and new jeep parts (bet you can’t guess WHO wants the Jeep parts) as well, but these things take time. I just wish that the getting there parts weren’t so mind-boggling that our brains turn into piles of mush. That or I wish marriage came with a small instruction manual pointing out not full directions perhaps, but at least way-points to watch for.

Things like…

In marriage you will occasionally wish you were still dating. If for no other reason than the spontaneity of sex.

In marriage you will occasionally wish to stick your spouse in the ground. At least long enough to drink a cup of coffee.

In marriage you will occasionally ask yourself and your spouse what the heck happened to us? That ring did and yet didn’t change who the heck we are.

And lastly, In marriage you will occasionally start fighting about the goals and purpose behind the more romantic times and why exactly things should go a certain way. Only to end up making each other laugh thus negating the fight. Leading to the romantic times the fight was about in the first place.

Marriage…it screws with your mind.


8 responses to “I’m a laugher not a fighter

  1. Great post! And I can relate in many ways even after being married eight years. Laughing is much better than fighting. I personally think it helps.

    My husband will leave things out. I’ve nagged. I’ve pleaded. I’ve just cleaned up after him. Then I started putting things like cereal boxes he left out without breaking down for recycling in his pillow case. He laughs when he finds it (sometimes days later) but then it does end up with the other cardboard. And he’s more likely to remember to put a box where it belongs the next time. 🙂

  2. This post absolutely warmed my heart. And made me laugh.

  3. A wood stork was in our canal this morning when I threw some bagels out there. I could send him/her your way!

  4. Ah some day I will post about married life when and if it comes for me but for now i will post about my single life 🙂