Body Snatchers

Have taken over my husband!

I realize its Halloween week and all, and that now is the time for little goblins and ghouls to come out to play. I also realize I should probably keep my trap shut, but ladies and gents I need to know something. What on earth happened to my husband?

This is the man who typically burns water. And I’m coming home to dinner plans? I’ve talked about this before. I mean it was a miracle when he managed to cook one meal once in a blue moon. This week we’ve hit three for three.  Which, how does one burn water? I must remember to ask him to show me his technique one day.

Monday I suggested tacos if he would cook the beef, he cooked the whole thing.

Tuesday I said spaghetti and he cooked.

Wednesday, and y’all this is where I started getting suspicious, I came home and dinner was ALREADY cooked. Granted it was sloppy Joes, which he knows are not my favorite, but who am I to complain to an already cooked meal??

And to top it all off….he set the table. We ate at the table. He poured me a glass of wine. He’s cleaned the kitchen every night. I’m starting to suspect something might be going on. Except….well I think I might know why he’s started stepping it up.

You might too if your wife walked in the door and decided to forego the whole “glass” aspect of a glass of wine.

But to defend myself, it was just one sip. Then I got a glass.

Maybe I’m the reason for this change?

If so I’m never drinking a glass of wine using a glass again. A gal can get used to this whole not cooking or cleaning business after all.


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