Rubber bands are like friends

Don’t you love rubber bands?

They’re so elastic and have that amazing ability to snap into place even after you’ve stretched them out. Yes they can break if you stretch them to far, but for most circumstances they stretch and twist, always conforming to whatever shape you need them, and then when the situation changes BAM! Right back to normal they go.

In fact I wish my waist would follow their example. Snap back into place!

Friendship can be like that.  You can move and walk away from one another, fight and make up, grow up, get married, start families and provided your rubber is strong enough you’ll always find a way to SNAP! That friendship right back to where it belongs.

Oh and on top of that… Well it sure seems to be wedding season around here with our friends. We’ve attended two weddings and celebrated our first anniversary all in the last two months. In addition to that we also found out two more couples are getting married in the next year or so, plus another couple who were already engaged has finalized the date for their wedding. I mean good gosh I should invest in rose petals and champagne toasts!

Now where am I going with all this? I mean what on earth do rubber bands, friends, and weddings have to do with one another you might ask? Well last night I found out for myself!

See last night I got a phone call from L.,  L of the L & D reason to clean my house … yup that L. She’s a sweetheart, truly one of the nicest people I know. We met WAY back in middle school when we used to ride the bus together because I was the 2nd or 3rd last stop and she was the last stop. That and we were nerds. Band nerds. So by nature we gravitated toward one another. From there the friendship blossomed. In high school it grew stronger and her and I, along with A, became the best of pals. The three musketeers so to speak. Then college came and S-T-R-E-T-C-H-E-D us apart. We all went our separate ways and we lost touch. Then big life moments happened like deaths and marriages and SNAP! The friendships pulled right back together again.

Anyway, L is getting married in January 2012. And she called me yesterday to ask me to be her maid of honor. And I’m not gonna lie, after I got off the phone with her I got a little misty-eyed. Not because of the idea of another wedding, although that is sweet. Nor is it the concept of another fancy dress, although I think this will be fun because really the weddings are my last excuse to get all dolled up any more. No…I got misty-eyed because here I was thinking wow I’m glad I reconnected with these friends. I’m just lucky to call them friends and then L. She up and surprises me by honoring me with not only a request to be IN her wedding, but to be the girl holding up her wedding dress when nerves and glasses of water get the best of her.

That my friends are what friendships and rubber bands have to do with one another. And I for one am crazy excited.

What about you – do have any friendships that are like rubber bands? What causes them to SNAP! Back together again. (I love that word. SNAP! SNAP! SNAP!)


4 responses to “Rubber bands are like friends

  1. I am generally terrible at keeping up with friendships but I love the analogy you used here. Congrats on you MOH status. Should be fun!

  2. I love rubber band friends! We are always brought together by something random – mostly funny, sometimes tragic, but always powerful. My best rubber band friend is from high school and it’s best that we stay friends forever because she’s know all my secrets 🙂