Aiming for “And Beyond!”

So – I guess today’s question du jour so to speak, is What flaw do you have and how do you over-come it?

I have a Monday morning confessional to share. And I share this knowing it’s actually Sunday as I’m typing this because I’m sitting in my bed with the hubby asleep (and snoring!) beside me, the cats asleep (and snoring!) at my feet. Is it any wonder I choose to write now?

My confession is this….I am an overly ambitious person. Big news right? Not! Now I totally get why you are under-whelmed by this confession. I mean you should have been in the car with Alex and I last night during our mad dash to the mall. (Which that is a whole ‘nother story because turns out mall shopping on Halloween eve is a bad bad plan.)

Stephanie: Honey, I think I have a problem. I always WANT. I love what we have, but I want more bigger, better things.

Alex: I know.

Stephanie: What do you mean “I know?”

Alex: I mean I know. I know because you are the kind of person who is constantly striving to reach the mountain top. So I know you always want a little more.

Stephanie: Oh. Well I don’t want you to think I’m an unhappy person. I just want…well I want …. Crap, I don’t know how to share what I want.

Alex starts laughing at me hysterically as we finish our drive to the mall at this point.

You see – While I’m EXTREMELY grateful to have a job, a job that allows my husband and myself own a home and not live paycheck to paycheck, in this economy I want the ability to be a part-time mom. Mind you, my brain does not allow the whole lack of mommy-hood aspect to reason it down from this strident climb towards “And Beyond” as the famous Buzz Lightyear put it. I also want new floors for the house (our current ones are ugly, but that is what rugs are for), new job for Alex (again his pays ok, etc but no room for growth hence my frustrations), and heck a trip to Italy is on the list of wants. What can I say, when we met THE BUZZ LIGHTYEAR on our honeymoon I was inspired.

My hero

Having confessed this aspect of my failings, I have to ask if you have any failings? I don’t think y’all are perfect, my interwebs friends, but am I alone in this here desire?  I tend not to think I’m a crummy person or alone, and Alex thinks I’m decent enough too. Yet having flaws that can be construed as both a virtue AND a flaw tends to skew your brain processes.


11 responses to “Aiming for “And Beyond!”

  1. Ramblings of a Singleton

    Don’t be so hard on yourself! There’s a big difference between being obsessed and being ambitious, and I get the feeling you fall into the second category. Ambition is what drives us to achieve more. I also have the sneaking feeling that it might have something to do with you wanting to be a mommy … no matter how well we’re doing, we all want better for our children, right? If you’re going to have a flaw, then I think wanting more is a pretty good flaw to have!

    In terms of my own flaw, then I’d also have to say ambition — I know in the past (and probably in the future) I’ve let it get in the way of other things.

  2. My “want” is to travel every chance I get. Is that a flaw? I try to not buy stuff so I have money for more travel. Trouble is, my travels are getting more expensive all the time. It’s hard to make myself stay home and not buy things so I can keep saving toward the next trip but SO worth it when I go on the trip.
    It’s also frustrating when I can’t find someone who wants to travel with me (and doesn’t snore).

  3. I don’t really see this as a flaw….

    Ran across an affirmation that seems to apply here.

    “I’m perfectly happy – I just want more…”

    Like it because it encapsulates a sense of joy and appreciation for everything we’ve got, while still acknowledging the need to grow, develop, and make a great situation even better.


  4. Oh Catherine you said it wonderfully! It’s great to be happy with what you have but knowing there is something else on the horizon that you are capable of acheiving is also exciting.

    I’d have to say my biggest flaw is probably my lack of patience too.

  5. Hey, as long as you know your flaws…I’m a big time perfectionist, which often causes me all sorts of grief. But I know it, I love myself anyway, my friends and family love me anyway and so I’m able to work through it. There’s nothing wrong with wanting more as long as you realize that what you have now is what you are supposed to have right now. It’s not the mountain tops, but the valleys in between that make us who we are!

    • I think you are 100% right about knowing yourself. I do recognize my flaws so at least I’m not out there blaming others for things that are up to me and my own reactions rather than them and their actions.