The Christmas Gift List

ACK! Weather what gives? One moment we were all sitting here comfy and enjoying fall, then all of sudden you threw winterish weather at us! Although – I thank you for the reminder that fall is on its way out the door which means the holidays (and winter) are on their way in.

Post-Halloween my mind slips into one huge mindset. It’s called SHOPPING! Oh you bet I do, but it’s not for me. No, what happens is I turn into the most crazed version of myself and I break out the laptop, the excel spreadsheets, and I start my Christmas gift lists.

Why no I’m not a nerd, why do you ask?

My lists consist of Christmas card recipients, card + gift recipient, gift only (Hello Alex and the cats!), and appropriate ideas and /or addresses for every person. Gosh I’m such an organized soul. Now normally, like I said, I do all this on excel. Or Google docs since that is a little more transferable. But this year. This year I discovered a MECCA.


Sweet wonderful Amazon has this great thing called a WISH LIST. (Which I’m sure you all knew about and are shaking your heads and my ignorance now.) The wish lists can be public or private and you can make as many as you want. So this year, I went and made a wish list for each person who is getting gifts and as I saw ideas throughout the year of possible gifts I would hop on Amazon and BAM add it to my wish list for the appropriate person. Now that the time to actually shop has come, all I need to do is go on Amazon, clean up my wish list, select an appropriate item in the appropriate price range based on the budget Alex and I discussed after referencing my SINGLE spreadsheet(look you can’t take the nerd out of the girl) and voila. The Christmas gifts list has been handled.

Then on top of that, I found out about Shutterfly’s amazingly gorgeous Christmas cards. I mean, how great is this? Now I know, I know, traditionalists say that I should handwrite a little note in each card which is much more personal and meaningful. And to be honest, for certain folks I will include a note using our nifty stationary. However, some of the people who receive cards are um, shall we call it, a little distant to us and as such are getting a card because we do think of them but we aren’t close enough to warrant an additional note. Mostly because we um don’t really know what is going on in their lives. So this year we will stick with the photo cards.

Of course, now the issue is what design to use. I know what Christmas photo we’ll be using, especially since we bought a house this year. It’s going to be a photo of the two of us, possibly holding the cats, in front of our decorated fireplace which will be lit. Since it’s really just Alex and I in the photos I want to stick to a simple and classic design.  So I popped over to Shutterfly’s Christmas card selections here and this is what I’ve got it narrowed down to:

This simple yet classic design with our initial.

This fun design with snowflakes.

Or this old school design one.

So many choices! Ultimately I think we are going to go with Design number 3, the old school designed one. There is something so classic about that one!

So what about you? Have you started shopping yet? Or are you that last-minute Christmas Eve shopper (Hi Dad!)?

And what about those holiday cards? Do you send them or not?


4 responses to “The Christmas Gift List

  1. Ramblings of a Singleton

    Ooh I love the idea of personalised holiday cards. There’s something kind of magical about them (if that doesn’t sound too odd). Also, I imagine it’s quite fun to get all dressed up to have the picture taken. Would definitely send them if it was popular here.

  2. I like the red snowflake card the best.
    I always buy my Christmas cards the day after Christmas and put them away. They are always a surprise when I get them out the first week of Dec.
    Saves money and time in the busy season.