I Survived My Road Trip

So it turns out you guys are pretty dang smart. I went, I saw, I had a BLAST on my little road trip. I was also able to get some super fun photos, though not to many of downtown Savannah. Dang daylight savings time change! I don’t want to type the whole thing out because that would be quite boring, but I’ll give you a quick synopsis. (look at me using those SAT words.)

Friday evening J showed up at my house and we started our drive down. I think he was an EXTREMELY patient man for having to deal with my ever other hour “rest-stop” breaks which I chalk up purely to nerves. After a slightly interesting detour thanks to the lady in the dash who decided she wanted to watch us avoid the deer we arrived at Kat’s lurvely home. I would love to say we stayed up and partied, but honestly J and I crashed and crashed hard. Lexi joined us a few hours later and us ladies chatted for a few before crashing hard some more.

The next day was the BIG day in terms of what to do and where to do. Our number one objective was for Lexi to show, and convince, J that the reception site she had fallen in love with was the place to be right after they say their vows. So off we headed to the railroad museum.

A quick tour, several photos, a few opinionated friends (we were just helping, right Kat? TEHEE) later, and voila Lexi and J had a reception location locked in.

The great news about all this? Now they can’t change their date anymore!

We also managed to snap some fun engagement shots of the two of them, this isn’t THE ONE they choose, so I don’t feel bad about sharing it. But ain’t they soooo cute?!

From there we went and had foods, toured River Street, where I must admit I froze my tootsies off. Which was my own dang fault, but I still had LOTS of fun while we down there. I just think the next time I go, I will 1. Bring my own personal heater (Hi Honey!!) and 2. Layer. Layer. Layer.

That night Kat cooked again and I’ve decided I must win the lottery and hire her to be a personal chef because holy cow can that woman cook. She puts me to shame! Before we all crashed again.

Sunday we stopped briefly at Kat’s place of employment and then at her parents’ house for some super yummy omelets before Lexi, J, and I headed off into the sunset. Ok well it wasn’t the sunset per se since it was only like 3 p.m., but it was J in his car and then Lexi and I in her mini.

Which is exactly like driving a go cart through downtown ATL. I almost wished we had some turtle shells and were racing against Mario and the gang. Mario Kart Downtown ATL version!

All in all a great trip and I was super glad to visit everyone. It was definitely a huge step out of my personal comfort zone, but I’m glad I was able to go. I reconnected with friends, strengthened friendships with new friends, and learned a little bit about myself. As well as took some ME time and gave Alex some HIM time. Those things all combined make a relationship healthier.


10 responses to “I Survived My Road Trip

  1. Kat. Yes, THAT one.

    So, looking at these pics, it makes me wonder WHY DID YOU NOT SHOVE ME OUT OF THE WAY AND DO THE PHOTOS I WAS PIDDLING WITH? 😛 Seriously, you have a fantastic eye and I love how you processed those. How did you do the corner fades on the black and white photo??

    I’m so glad you had a good trip! It was fantastic having you there, especially for the weddingy things, because, well, I can help out a ton, but you’ve actually DONE it, so your perspective is so much better. 😛

    And if I ever actually make it up to Atlanta, you and Alex have an open invite to dinner any time! I love cooking, but cooking for one sucks, so I don’t do it often.

    Okay, I’ll stop spamming your blog now! 🙂

  2. Ramblings of a Singleton

    Sounds like you had loads of fun! Great pics … your friends look so happy!

  3. See? Nothing to worry about. Glad you had a good time!

  4. It sounded like it was awesome! And yes, they are an absolutely adorable couple. Love the picture! LOVE the reception site, how cool is that?!