My Own “Man Cave”

Do you have a man cave? Or something like it?

I do…but my “cave” is just a chair. A chair that when we went shopping for furniture for our living room I plopped down in and pretty much whined when Alex said we couldn’t fit it into his jeep just yet. But that chair moved into our home.

Where it quickly became the cats’ beloved “cave.”

Till we bought them a cat tower and then they deserted the chair like some deserts a room after eating a big ol’ bowl of chili!

My chair is super warm, well after I sit in it and the leather heats up, and cushy. It allows me to curl my feet up or stretch them out on our camel saddle foot rest. (Why yes I did say camel saddle. Father was in the Air Force and has a rather distinct eye for unusual décor.) Plus it sits by a window for the view, a light for well….light, and the fireplace for warmth. Because I am secretly a cold-blooded creature.

My favorite part about this chair though? Once I get in it with my laptop, my books, and my drink where I am all snuggled up in a blanket…well its danged hard to get up. So if I need something, I get to go “HONEY!”

And he’ll bring me whatever I need. Love ya baby!

What about you? Do you have a spot that is all your own or perhaps that you share, but that allows you to just sink in and relax?


10 responses to “My Own “Man Cave”

  1. Every guy has a man cave somewhere. My buddy and i finished his garage. Now it has a dartboard, bar, beer fridge, beer pong table, two couches, a tv and a nintendo 64.

  2. aww i want one of those ;( but none of my closets are big enough xD

  3. Love the pictures! I’m jealous……my recliner and 2 sofas aren’t that comfy. And it’s too hot to cuddle under a blanket most of the year down here.
    I forgot about the camel saddle footrest. How did you talk your dad out of it? Goes perfectly with your brown leather furniture.

  4. OMG too funny about your honey getting you what you need. 🙂
    But I can so relate. Don’t think I have as great a chair..more of a corner of the loveseat (the side my beloved dog Lucy doesn’t requisition -she gets first pickins’).

  5. Ramblings of a Singleton

    You look soooo comfy! You should get a slanket; they’re even better than a regular blanket (although you definitely won’t wan to get up then!)