My Imaginary Throw-Down

“You wanna piece of me!?”

So the other day my bloggy hero, The Pioneer Woman, announced that soon on your T.V. you can watch her and Bobby Flay have a cooking throw down. That’s right Mrs P-Dub herself versus Iron Chef Bobby Flay are going head-to-head over thanksgiving dinner. To which I have to say, better her than me since I’ve never cooked a thanksgiving meal in my life!

But it got me thinking, who would I want to have a throw down with in any area? I’m pretty ok at cooking, but I’m certainly not Iron Chef challenging in my skill levels, and I like photography but I’m not going against someone like Annie Leibovitz. I can dance a mean streak through my living room, and I can cha-cha ok with my cat, but to ask me to challenge say Maksim Chmerkovskiy is liking asking my cat to open the pickle jar. Painful to watch at best.

So dancing, cooking, and photography are out. And that is what I’m good at with one teeny tiny exception. I am a champion worry-wart. So I guess I’d have to have a throw-down with  someone whose entire job is to consider the possibilities and outcomes of any given decision. A professional worry-wart if you would. Too bad I don’t know of any, but hey my skills shall remain unchallenged. (Thank goodness!)

What about you – who to and in what area would you ever like to issue a throw-down challenge?

Also – don’t forget that today I have guest post up on Ramblings of a Singleton’s blog about my favorite place on earth. (And the one place I don’t spend as much time worrying!)


2 responses to “My Imaginary Throw-Down

  1. I’d have to say that my chicken soup might stand up to a bit of competition, or possibly my cinnamon rolls.