Saturday Photography

Well its two o’clock on a Saturday and I have yet to eat. I did manage to get up, get dressed and make up on, run to the store and pick up my 30-day give idea for today…but cleaning. Um well I can show you what I’ve been getting done instead of cleaning.

All in the name of fun of course! (Fun being the operative word since I spent probably a good hour yelling at the computer for not reading my mind and putting together a watermark for the photos exactly how I wanted it. Without any direction or skill from me.)

See first I went and put together a smash-up of my photos from the Savannah, GA adventure.


Then I played around with a photo I took of a local fountain earlier this week.

Local fountain at Sunset

Before really going wild and trying to get a good photo of Alex and I to give some in-laws who we are going to go see next weekend. It’s hard to judge this one since  the way in which it was taken was quite comical. See … first I’d pose Alex, then I’d set up the shot, then in my skinny heels from work I’d DASH over to Alex and pose myself really fast while waiting for the camera to do its thing. Then I’d DASH right back to the camera in those darn heels and check the photo out. I did this about 20 times before Alex offered to be the one to push the button and DASH back. Now if only he had thought of this after time #2 not #21.

Love Birds

So you see, I have a really good excuse for not doing any housework. At all. Nadda. Zip. Zilch. So um, you think Alex will forgive me? Because if not – I’m eating his chocolates!


2 responses to “Saturday Photography

  1. Ramblings of a Singleton

    I adore the picture of the two of you — it looks like a professional shot it (although I guess one did!)