Action packed weekends

Holy cow this weekend went by way to fast. I don’t know about you, but typically on a weekend I try to get several chores around the house done and then relax.

This weekend I managed to grocery shop and do dishes. Forget dusting, vacuuming, mopping, etc. . . oh no. I spent my time playing with photos, reading books, and then dress shopping with L.

Which, I have been a bride . . . I get that bridesmaid dresses are supposed to not outshine the bride, but some of the ones we saw were terrifying. Like this pretty little number. (And if this was your bridesmaid dress choice, um, I’m sorry? But the ruffles, the cut, the bow, all of it on a single hideous dress. Why would you choose this?)

Luckily I have a very reasonable bride on my hands who is understanding of the fate of a bridesmaid and does not want us to be saddled with a dress like the above in our closets. Oh no, she’s thinking more along the lines of a clean, simple, and elegant dress. Too bad she’s got the less than elegant me as her matron of honor. (Please ignore the face I’m making in this photo, her fiancé wanted to see pictures of the dresses. So I agreed to pose…ridiculously.)

After all this wedding hilarity L went home to her man while I went home to mine. Or so I thought. Unfortunately I came home to find that yet again the Chores Wars are on! Since I was told that several household projects (painting, mopping, cat box cleaning, etc) were getting done while I was out, and out of the way. I came home to find that hubby’s definition of “doing chores” loosely translates to jumping up at the first chance to get out of the house and help someone else play with their jeep. Clearly he has issued a challenge. Now I just have to come up my version of revenge. Perhaps I could starch his undershirts? (of course this would require me to do laundry…something I do not do. Dagnabit!)

Clearly revenge is something I’ll have to work on. After Alex finally showed up home from his Jeep “emergency” we were able to prepare a delicious Italian herb-crusted pork chop and artichoke dinner. Very yummy! We also were able to talk about some issues that have been plaguing us here lately. It was nice to be able to calmly chat about our fears and wants for the future. Including talks about how we want to handle some major house plans. (Hello new flooring!) Plus we were able to review some previous big talks and realized that our previous goal of better communication has really happened for us. Which was very exciting. There is always something rewarding about setting a goal, achieving it, and then looking back to see how it wasn’t nearly as hard as you both thought it would be!

How about your weekend? Was it a good one?


8 responses to “Action packed weekends

  1. I agree about the “pretty little blue number.” Wayyyyyy overkill…….
    Like the other one and know you could wear it somewhere else later (if it still fits later). Fun trying them on……….

  2. Hmm..yeah…dress #2 for sure. 🙂
    I would say I had a pretty darn good weekend…after saturday and before monday. Spent the entire day in my studio and ended the day feeling quite accomplished. Now to just get pictures..

  3. If you do laundry just to starch his shirts it will in fact make 5x the impact. Maybe just maybe that jeep really needed help. (Someone got to help Alex out here) -Marcus

  4. Omg that first dress? Srsly? What was the designer thinking?!! Ew. EEEEEEEEEeeew.