A New Year Greeting

Are you a heart-breaker?

I’ve hopped on the ever popular band-wagon again by participating in a fun Small Packages BlogFest. The topic is a more humorous take on the tradition & history of Thanksgiving in the USA, and it challenged us to reveal our darker sides if we dare.

Since I tend to do that quite well already I figured what the heck, lets rip it open a little wider right? Right. So on with the show.

I was a very lucky woman when I met my hubby, for I met him a mere week after throwing my hands in the air, shouting out to the universe that I was through, do you hear me through, with dating. And the reason this little revelation came about was one entirely of my own doing.

When I first met the man who made me swear against dating, I was a high school freshman, him a highly prized senior. Hello freshman crush! Years passed and again our paths crossed but now I was wiser, older, and much more of a catch. As we caught up on old times a date was planned and things progressed. For him.

I knew right off the bat that this wasn’t the guy for me, but I was pretty grumpy about my last boyfriend and was determined to not be single on New Years for once in my blasted life. I wanted someone to kiss when the ball dropped dagnabit! So we dated, and every now and then I’d get a little tug of guilt in my heart knowing that as soon as the new year hit I was outta there. Call it my own version of a Happy New Year Greeting. Once I even tried to break up with him. But he said let’s give it one more go, and I was a lame duck. I allowed it to happen.

Then New Years came. And I was a complete jerk. We were at dinner and he sensed where things were headed so he confronted me about it. I was left confessing as we were on our way to a party that I really didn’t care for him that way, that I just didn’t feel like not dating someone and so forth. Quite a humiliating evening that new years was. But I sure learned my lesson.

First, don’t date a guy just to have a date on a holiday. They aren’t quite as blind as women sometimes accuse them of being. And secondly, being the user can hurt just as much as being used. I don’t mind being a heart-breaker, I just prefer to do it in less heel-stomping ways.

What about you? I’m sure you’ve taken advantage of someone at SOME point in your life.


6 responses to “A New Year Greeting

  1. Never! My husband is the only man I’ve ever dated and it has been only moonlight and roses from the start.

    At least that’s the version I’m giving the kids. 😉

  2. Thanks for taking part in my little experiment!

    I met my husband when I least expected it too. I was the screwee, but like you, stuck around in the relationship much longer than I knew I should have. It’s strange how these things work out, isn’t it?

    @Mindee, I think I’ll be stealing the moonlight & roses line for when we have kids! 🙂

  3. This really hit a nerve of what I *should* have written about. Except I stayed 3 miserable years (yes you read it right, 3 years). I totally understand what you mean with it hurts as much being the user, because it does…