Heading back to highschool

-S-P-L-A-S-H-!!!!! Oh here, let me get you a towel to wipe off that blue slushee drink I just tossed in your face.

High School – it’s a time where you find your voice. A place where you stretch out those wings. High school – it’s the place where you finally get past the awkward middle school years and blossom into a LOVELY individual. Just ask the kids on Glee!

HA! I love watching Glee, however, what annoyed the living daylights out of me last night were the commercials. I mean, don’t you just LOVE commercials? Where they advertise things like Pro-Active and Clearasil.  Course they fit well with the show given it’s about high school and well acne; it’s a part of high school.

You see I’m a body bully. Just ask MSN … according to their article I’m a total bully. I have a desire to change a part of my body. Not my hair, my hips, my breasts or my tummy. Nope – I want to change my face. Why? Because I have acne.

Now you may be sitting in your chair, on a plane, or a train, or you car (hope you aren’t driving) wondering what on earth my issue is. We all have acne. We all grow up and get over it….right? Nope! Not in this household. And I’m pretty sure not in many others. Heck studies have even been done proving that children with severe acne are more prone to suicide!

But unlike most kids and those pretty people on the commercials my acne is not little white pumps or maybe (HORROR) a little red bump. Nope, I have the acne that requires doctor visits for shots on average 2x a month. That requires you to take a daily pill that requires for you to sign a waiver and submit to monthly blood tests that look for signs of kidney failure. I have the FUN kind. And it will never, ever, go away.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining overly about the situation, it is what it is and it’s not likely to change any time soon. My dad still has it, my brother had it his whole life, and it’s pretty dang likely at least one of my future children will go through it. (Unless they come up with a cure for acne soon….someone? Anyone? Please?) It’s just a little frustrating to see these commercials on TV. and think to myself that pish posh those people don’t know what acne really is. When make-up can’t cover it up because you actually have lumps under your skin….then you can whine to me.

This is also while the below photo will be the ONLY photo you’ll ever see of me that has not been touched up in some form or fashion. However, as an attempt to understand the TRUE meaning to Operation Beautiful, I’m wiping off my make-up and baring the true face. This is me when I got home and wiped off all my makeup. Make-up which is normally on me from about 5 minutes after I get up until right before I climb into bed. Except on Sundays when our only goal is to stay home. Because Alex makes me feel beautiful no matter what I am looking like.

I can bet not many people read to the end of today’s post, and honestly it’s a rather lame post but I swore up and down I’d be honest with y’all. So I’m laying it out there. Acne commercials annoy the ever-living SNOT out of me.

What about you? Do you ever see a product or an advertisement for a product that makes you skoff with laughter because the people advertising aren’t even remotely aware of what it really feels like to experience that issue? Do you have your slushie in the face moments?


7 responses to “Heading back to highschool

  1. Alll I know is that I want a new body! Not just a face or an elbow or a hip……a whole new body. I’m tired of being in pain all the time. Old age is not fun, at least the body part of it isn’t.

  2. This is why I love my DVR – I can just speed right through the commercials! I don’t have as severe acne as you but I do get it all the time around my nose/mouth/chin. It used to be all over but has been concentrating in that area for a few years now and I absolutely hate it – you’re right, it’s not something that’s easily hidden by make up. It’s more like welts and less like those little bumps commercials always talk about and I have yet to find anything that gets rid of it.

    Thanks for sharing! This takes a lot of courage and it was a wonderful post!

  3. Maegan Hebebrand

    While acne commercials aren’t the commercials that I fast forward through, the ones for Nutri-System or Jenny Craig, etc are! Some of those women are still very much the “healthy norm,” and whine about being a size 12. I’d LOVE to be a size 12. I’ve tried every avenue! They always make it look so easy. And that what’s worse about them than the losing weight part is that they make being a “bigger than size 2” a bad thing. Those commercials remind me of high school and how high school was for me. Thanks for sharing, and while we aren’t in the same body-complaint boat, it’s always nice to hear that others aren’t perfect either. 🙂

  4. You are brave! My acne isn’t at that level, but I too find it terribly frustrating. The ONLY good thing about turning 40 is that it has abated quite a bit. But yes, I’ve done my fair share of scoffing at the acne product commercials too.

  5. Ramblings of a Singleton

    Congrats on writing this post; I really admire you (hope that doesn’t sound patronising because I’m being 100% genuine). It’s hard when there’s something about yourself you don’t like that can’t be changed – for me, it’s always been my height. I’m taller than the average girl and I’ve always felt quite awkward because of that.

    I really like the Dove campaign for real beauty and the fact that in most of their ads they use real women. I’ll be honest, though, I wasn’t very comfortable with it. If I could identify with those women, did that not mean I was just ordinary? It took me a while to realise that Dove wasn’t saying real women are ordinary, but that we are beautiful in our own ways and that rather than focussing on the parts of us that don’t match the images of models, which as we all know are photo-shopped, we should concentrate on what is fabulous about us.