I’m Dancing in the Rain

Have you ever jumped in a puddle or played in a rain storm? Do you realize what an opportunity to experience life that truly is?

What about giving big? Have you been able to participate in the 30-day Big Give challenge or have you just passed it by?

Today as I was driving in to work, I listened to my local radio station’s give-a-thon. As I was listening a young Doctor came on and told a story of why you should give big.

His Story

One day after a long day of ups and downs, but mostly downs, he was headed out the door to go home. When he walked past a window over-looking the courtyard and saw a Mother standing in the rain with her baby. As he wondered what on earth she was doing, he walked outside to offer help.

“Ma’am why are you standing in the rain? Can I get you an umbrella?” the doctor asked.

And without looking at the doctor, just continuing to rock her baby in the rain the mother replied “My baby is going to die any time now and he’s going to miss so much. So I wanted to give him a chance to feel the rain on his skin.”

The doctor stood there in the rain after hearing this mother’s calm voice explain that her baby boy, who would soon die, was in the rain because she wanted to give him every single life experience she could while he was there with her. And suddenly he explained over the radio, he realized that yes some days are bad and some days are good, but at the end of the day what matters is did you give every single thing you could?

Another young woman came on the radio a short while later (yes I have a long drive to work, 45 min on a good day) and explained that after a moment of revelation she realized we ALL have something in which we are abundant. Perhaps it may not be money, this economy is hurting everyone after all, but perhaps you have time. Time you may have spent watching t.v., but could perhaps be spent reading to a sick child in a hospital. Maybe you have a leaf blower and while blowing off your own drive way you could walk up the street and help the older couple with theirs.

Me, I don’t have a lot of money right now but $1 doesn’t hurt me. So I can pass that along to the Ronald McDonald House foundation. Oh and I have plenty of blood, so I can share a pint of that with the Red Cross too. I also know how to write so I can always write a note of thanks, hello, and how are you to bring a smile to someone’s day.

I hope that today’s post makes you think about the little things AND the big things.

Oh and, y’all, go dance in the rain. It’s good for your soul.


2 responses to “I’m Dancing in the Rain

  1. Ramblings of a Singleton

    What a brilliant post … you totally hit the nail on the head. Each of us have more to give than we think – donating blood is an excellent example. As both my parents are donors, I naturally followed suit once I was old enough. But it was only when a cousin with a rare blood type was in a serious accident and required several transfusions that I really appreciated how important such donations are. We don’t have to be rich to make a difference.

  2. My “giving” is opening doors for the elderly, offering to get things off high shelves in grocery stores for people in wheelchairs or carts, sweeping the palm “seeds” off the sidewalks around my condo when I know my neighbors might trip on them when they are walking to the clubhouse, and anything else I see that needs doing for people who can’t. Little things, but they mean a lot to the people who can’t do those things.