Its Friday, I’m in love

It’s Friday!

Let’s first celebrate this fact with a huge


Fridays are great aren’t they? I mean you can say hello to the weekend (unless you are Alex who is sticking his tongue out at us all as he always works Saturday), you can paint your nails, you can watch a movie and stay up past your bed time. And maybe just maybe you can order pizza for dinner.

That was always my favorite part about Friday. Too bad I’m over pizza now.

Still you know what Friday’s do to my brain?

They drizzle it down from the high processes of complicated thought and reflection to a puddle of left-over ice cream. Delicious but useless.

So today I’m opening up the blog to YOU! Post a question in the comments section and Monday I’ll post my replies. Any question at all. I’m pretty much an open book here. You can also post questions on Our Marriage Adventure’s Facebook page or tweet me.

If you want to know what size boots Alex wears, I’ll tell y’all after I sneak a peek since even I don’t know that for sure. If you want to know how I like my coffee, I’ll tell y’all. If you want to know what my favorite thing about this weekend was I’ll tell y’all. You get it yet? Anything you want to know, I’ll tell y’all!

(I absolutely love the fact that spell check does not question “Y’all” as a correctly spelled word.)

Now then, for a preview of up-coming attractions, on Saturday I’m emptying out my book-case. I’m taking photos, and I’m giving those books away. Be sure to check back on Saturday for the contest info, books I’ve decided I know longer need and to enter into the contest!

Tuesday I am going to share all about our latest adventure which is taking place this weekend. Where we go back to the place of banjos and family and have the first thanksgiving meal of the year. With more to come. I hope y’all like turkey!

Happy Friday Y’all!


2 responses to “Its Friday, I’m in love

  1. What is your favorite birthday dinner? What is your dream vacation?

  2. Ramblings of a Singleton

    Okay, so this is a bit of a philosophical one (so apologies) … how did you get to where you are today? And, if I can a second one (which is borrowed for a reader who asked me the same thing) … who would play you in the movie of your life, and why?!