The answers to all your questions

::Whew:: What a weekend!

First I’d like to again, apologize, for my lack of posting Saturday and Monday. I know that I promised y’all I’d get posts up, but Saturday some very interesting person/people in China AND Japan (Thanks Google for figuring out the IP addresses for me!) decided that it would be great fun to get into my email account. Then  piggy back that into all my other email accounts, my banking accounts, my hubby’s accounts, and last but not least…my blog. And change the passwords.

Hahahaha. Hehehehe. Hoohoohoohoo. Gosh darn they were funny!

So Saturday was spent throwing stuff together in a suitcase for our trip to TN, then literally scrambling to remember account info, email support stuff about the Horrible Hackers, and updating info as I was slowly able to get back in. So blogging…it took a backseat. And y’all missed out. I’m sorry. But hey – if you want I have a couple of IP addresses and some email address you can play with if you want!

Now then – to make up for all this dang trouble, I’m going to post the answers to the questions y’all asked me last week now. Later today I’m going to put together and post the book give-away post, and tomorrow I’ll get up some info about our fun trip to Tennessee! And hopefully y’all will forgive me. Now on to the fun part….question and answer time!

(these aren’t in any particular order, so much as what was easiest for me to read in my short-hand notes on a post-it sticky)

What is my dream vacation?

I would have to say, my current dream vacation is really a cruise around the Mediterranean. I want to go to Florence, to Rome, to Madrid, to Athens….you get the idea. I also want my hubby to go too. I love all the food, the clothes, the music, the culture from that part of our world so the concept of being able to SEE all that would just blow my mind. Plus cruises are fun and do not require unpacking and re-packing your suitcase as you hotel hop since there is no hotel hopping. That and I can tan. Bad for me I know, but I so rarely get to relax and sunbathe so the concept of sunbathing on a cruise ship while it sails from port to port of my favorite countries is truly my dream vacation.

Who would play me in the movie of my life?

This one is pretty hard if for no other reason than y’all, I stink at names! However, I would say that it would probably end up being Natalie Portman. For reasons above and beyond, I’ve been told I look a teeny bit like her, I need a gal who can get a Southern accent and yet be tough and she seems to fit that bill. My life sure hasn’t been a golden road, but then again I wouldn’t be who I am without it. Which leads me to the next question…

How did I get to where I am today?

Since this one is a bit open-ended it’s a little hard to answer. How did I get to Georgia, well my parents drove and my dad’s job had us move. A lot. Till we got here. How did I get to where I am at 26, married and owning a house with a hubby talking about kids. I would say life got me here, life and a great family. Without going into too much detail, I grew up very fast because of a brother who had one of the rarest development diseases in the world, because of an uncle who’s death and the subsequent trials were followed by major news outlets, and by the later death of my brother. Top that off with an abusive relationship and stupid choices on my part and what you get is growing up WAY faster than you perhaps expect. But most off all…I got to where I am today because of loving family. Without being sentimental (too late for that huh?) my parents, siblings, extended family, and most recently my husband have helped make me into the woman I am today. For better or for worse.

If I were stranded on a desert island and could take only one book, what would it be?

You know, most people respond the bible but to be honest y’all I would bring a “how to” book. Like perhaps “How to build a sea worthy boat” or “how to get off the island” … you know something that got me OFF the deserted island. And barring that, I’d bring something like a cooking book for fish and coconuts. That way I’d get SOME variety in the food I’d be stuck with.

What is my favorite birthday dinner?

This one is a toss-up because I was born on  the 4th of July. Which greatly limits my options. So if I’m staying home it’s your traditional burgers and corn on the cob type meal. If I get to go out though, I want Japanese Hibachi. Because that’s the only thing I’ve EVER found to be open on the Fourth of July. And I really love hibachi. A lot. A whole lot. (Hey honey…are you paying attention here. I like hibachi. A lot!)

And thus concludes the questions about me post. Thanks to those of you who asked questions! I gotta say, you sure made me feel better since I no longer felt like I was talking to myself.

Remember, later today I’ll have the giveaway post up for everyone to check out and enter in.


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  1. Ramblings of a Singleton

    Thanks for sharing; it’s great to know you a bit better. How cool is it that your birthday is 4th July?! You’re one of the few people guaranteed fireworks on your special day! Good call on the “how-to” book – I believe that’s what they call thinking outside the box; isn’t that the sign of a genius?!