Traveling for the holidays

It’s the holiday season . . .and road trips are rampant. And every road trip leads to a few more lessons on how to travel together. I don’t know about you, but there are just a few things that traveling together drives home for Alex and I.

First…Packing, while vital, should not be done as a couple.

Alex’s suitcase resemble a precise military march. It has order, it has simplicity, it has speed.

Mine has well, it has generosity. It has thoroughness. It has just about everything. But I did manage to bring the camera! Which was great since we were headed to the home of Davy Crockett.

Second… when dividing up the driving its best to volunteer to drive first. That way when you are halfway through the trip and already tired of the road, you can be the one taking photos not paying attention to the road!

My personal driver

Third…when going on a road trip, always plan for a slight detour. The willingness to deviate from the plan always leads to a better time and often times much better views. Oh and don’t forget a map for those times when the GPS system thinks you are insane and driving through a cow pasture. (trust us….we should know)

And last but hardly the least…never let the concept of getting packed, getting to your destination, or taking photos surpass the fact that the road trip is allowing you to spend time with loved ones. You would think this would be the most obvious of the lessons we learned, but its one of the hardest to stick to because it is the simplest step! Luckily for us we saw family that are lovely and generous in each and every way. There is something absolutely heart-warming about showing up after a long drive to a fluffy bed with generous pillows, a bathroom fully stocked (just in case my “everything” suitcase might have just maybe forgotten the shampoo and conditioner), water on each nightstand, and a little gift for you to remember your visit by.

The only downer about this entire visit – I think we disappointed Aunt Sallie and Uncle Ron when our “surprise” was not the news about a future little one. But we promised them we’d sure keep on trying! In the meantime I’ll keep playing down by the swing set myself…well myself and the camera.

A moment in time


4 responses to “Traveling for the holidays

  1. Mind@ourfrontdoor

    Your Aunt and Uncle sound like fabulous hosts. Do theybtake in strangers? 🙂

  2. Aunt Sallie is so glad you had a good time. Your visits are always welcome and your sweet visits even better than dessert!!! And yes, we take in strangers – well, if they aren’t tooooooooo strange.
    Love You !