Black Friday Shopping Woes

Black Friday – it’s the craziest shopping day of the year. We all know this. I, personally, tend to avoid shopping this day. Except this year I was invited to go shopping with my father. For my mother. For a “gift” that somehow struck me as more for my dad than for my mom. So I went to provide a voice of “reason.”

I had no intentions of shopping for me. At all.

Oh the best laid plans of shoppers and their empty wallets.

While out at a variety of stores I saw a deal. An AMAZING deal. $29 for a wireless  color printer / copier / scanner. Too good to be true, so I double checked the ad making sure it wasn’t a store credit or mail-in rebate for the money I was saving. No such signs so I snagged that baby and rushed out the door super excited since we don’t have a printer. And now I can print photos at home!

Only to get home that night and REALLY look at the printer that I had just lugged all over Timbuktu.

Sexy ain’t it? Oh yea ….only ITS THE WRONG ONE! Same price as the one in the advertisement. Wrong brand, functions, and oh it is totally not wireless.

So Alex, he hops on the phone calling every store known to man trying to find the other printer. Everyone is sold out. Saturday I spend MORE time with my dad and brother returning the big.fat.mistake printer. I go home, I decorate, I bake.

Which is a dangerous thing to do when you are upset. German chocolate cupcakes with cream cheese frosting make an excellent pity food don’t you think? My waistline does not agree.

Then Alex gets off work and we head off to Lowe’s to get stuff for even MORE decorating. On the way there he says, hey stop at Office Depot and let’s look at what alternate printers there are. And guess (oh yea, you totally see it coming) what we saw sitting on the shelf. 10 high.

Our wonderful, glorious, new twenty-nine dollar printer.

All I have to say – Thank Goodness for 2-day sales! (and my stubborn husband)


9 responses to “Black Friday Shopping Woes

  1. Ramblings of a Singleton

    Hmm…bit of a difference in the two products, alright! Such a great purchase, though. I’m so bad for taking photos, loading them onto the computer and then never printing them off. Makes me wish we still used film… (but then I usually forgot to get them processed!)

  2. For $29, all the hassle was worth it. What a deal!

  3. Did you have to pay a “restocking” fee? That policy really makes me mad, especially when you take everything back and packed as it was originally.

  4. At least you were able to get the right printer 🙂

    My only Black Friday shopping woe… Missing out on buying more Gap bras for half off, because I bought some Victoria’s Secret ones that didn’t fit. I tried on a 32A, but the band was too small. You’d think the cup size would fit the same between the 32 and 34, but NO. I miraculously had Lady Gaga conical boobs with the 34A, and by that time I was already home in my abode, 45 minutes away from a decent mall. Oh well…