Painting our house

Do you know the story of Dorian Gray? The story where the man character, Dorian, never ages, but his portrait does? At the end of the story the portrait is young again and Dorian has aged and died.

That portrait is our house. You remember our house. In its lovely colors, don’t you?

When we bought the house it was gray, gray, gray, and more gray. From the ceiling to the floors and everything in between we were living in a gray cloud.

Then a splash of color started in the living room. We went from one solid color, almost like a black and white photo, but everything in gray.

From the Dining Room


To a sunrise.

That color spread to our kitchen and hall, though not as bright, but complimentary to the initial blast. Dropping us from the rain cloud.

To a sunny field. I realize this is a little harder to tell since its such a slight change, but its huge when you are standing in the room. Much warmer.

And this past week, the cloud lifted itself away from our bedroom. Where we went from dull and depressing.

To calm, peaceful, and finally being green.

Now we aren’t quite done yet. In case you failed to notice it, the trim and ALL the doors remain horrid gray. But not for long. We’re going to start getting rid of that after the holidays and soon it will all be a nice dark leather brown.

Biggest lesson we learned? Paint before you move in. Ā That or hire someone to paint it all.

Or in my case, tell your hubby to pretty please get it done. Or else.

Have you ever learned any lessons AFTER the fact? Can you please share so perhaps I might learn from your wise thoughts?

Oh and Happy December!


13 responses to “Painting our house

  1. Love, love, love your colored walls now! I need you to come down here and paint for me (or maybe Alex and your dad!). Oh well, I just had all my walls painted white clay (off white) and that will have to do for years.
    Sure wish we had some of Atlanta’s stores so I could find a great 8 x 10 area rug for the living room.

  2. The green turned out really nice in the bedroom! Now for those blue blinds and gray cabinets… šŸ™‚

  3. okay first of all… found you thru the comments at Meditative Mom… definitly subscribed to you.. but can’t figure out how to follow.. help?? love what i’m seein tho.. your house is adorable! i LOVE the living room! it looks AWESOME!! can’t wait to see more!

  4. Painting is NOT my favorite thing to do but the reward is worth it. I love your new colors!

  5. I like the colors – My advice is to paint sample colors on the walls before you paint, live with the swatches for a couple days, look at them in different light (day, night, lights on, lights off, etc) you will be surprised how color changes in different lighting.

    Also don’t be afraid to try a color in a room if you like it, its easy enough to repaint if you want a change down the road.

    Good job

  6. Whew – I totally thought this post was going to end by talking about how you’re lives have taken a horrible turn with the upturn of your house. So yay! that didn’t happen!

  7. Love the colors! šŸ™‚

  8. Ramblings of a Singleton

    Love your choices – sitting room is sooo warm looking, and your bedroom seems to relaxing. It must be your photographer’s eye!

  9. I don’t think they’re too bright, I think they’re great! I wish more people weren’t afraid of a little color. šŸ™‚