Like sleeping on a cloud

Do you get a good night’s sleep every single night? If you do then I must ask do you share a bed every single night? Because if you answered yes to both those things then I have to ask What is your dadgum secret?

I love my husband. I love that every night I can curl up in his arms and fall asleep. I especially love the fact that every night we touch as we fall asleep either by holding hands, cuddling, or (as is typical in the winter) with my cold feet / hands pressed up against his nice warm body!

He doesn’t like that part so much. Wonder why…

However, here lately I’ve had an issue. A might big issue. A might grumpy issue. An issue called insomnia. But that insomnia, it’s not my fault oh no.

We painted our lovely bedroom a nice calm shade of green. We’ve lowered the ugly blinds to create a dark atmosphere perfect for snoozing. The bed has fresh sheets and (more importantly to me) perfect pillows and a feather down comforter. A fan stirs the air without freezing us out creates the perfect white noise. The cats have settled at our feet. Alex is asleep by the time his head hits the pillow. Clearly all is working as it should be. Except…I’m not sleeping.

So much so that I was an evil witch the other night. You see, Alex and I are on two COMPLETELY different schedules. His weekend nights are Sunday night and Monday night since he has both Monday and Tuesday off. Mine is more like the average workers, Friday and Saturday. Which means, that on the night I have to go to bed at a decent hour Alex wants to stay up playing video games, etc. No issues at all with this.

Although, clearly the issue last night was he got up to get a drink after getting frustrated with a level and I proceeded to solve that entire level in a whopping oh…2 minutes. Ooopsie!

The issue comes that Alex will typically fall asleep on the couch or wherever, wake up around say 2 a.m. or so, and then realizing he’s not in bed stumble his way to our bedroom where he will crawl into bed and immediately crash back out.

I am a light sleeper. This plan of action drives me batty.

So the other night when, yet again, Alex was staying up late to “just finish one more level baby. Then I’ll come to bed.” I promptly turned into an evil wife and quietly informed him that he had best not be planning to sleep in our bedroom. I then also kicked the cats out and shut the door.

That’s right I kicked hubby to the guest bed.

So far no complaints, just a comment that we need to put the other down comforter on our guest bed now too. It’s getting quite cold after all.

But guess what, I DON’T FEEL GUILTY. No siree. No guilt here. Because me, I slept like a queen!

Have you ever been kicked out, or moved out, of your normal bed just for a night of decent sleep?


9 responses to “Like sleeping on a cloud

  1. There are times when the bed is a battlefield…more like HE likes to stretch (accidentally kicking, punching, or slapping) and I have to fight to keep the covers over my body while he “nests” himself. “Nesting” is surrounding your body with pillows (2 at the head, 2 on each side and then tucking the comforter and/or sheets around the pillows to “seal”. We have made systematic improvements to prevent such things….king comforter on the queen bed, larger bed to prevent the punching, kicking, slapping, etc in the middle of the night, a body pillow for a barrier (because my body temp is usually warmer than he is when we are getting ready to sleep), more pillows in general, a better mattress that barely translates motion across the bed i.e. when he gets up at 4:30 am for work, I barely wake up.

    I have never kicked him out…but I do value sleep and some nights when I am struggling to sleep, I just switch beds to save him the hassle of my restlessness (also a light sleeper).

    • LOL I do the whole “nest” thing myself, but then again I prefer it a little cooler and that pillow between us provides a slight barrier between my body and Alex’s thermal heat wave.

      And it wasn’t kicking him out per se, so much as either come to bed now or just sleep where you are already lying down at. He stayed where he was.

  2. Andrew Sollenberger

    We bought a huge King Size Bed with an expensive mattress so we can barely feel each other move. It helps a ton for us.

  3. Andrew Sollenberger

    of course i just read G’s comment…thats my wife lol.

  4. I’m such a light sleeper, I’ve had to quit traveling with ladies who snore (which is most everyone!). I have zero energy the next day if I don’t get my sleep.

  5. Ramblings of a Singleton

    LOL. My best friend and her husband occasionally sleep in separate beds, especially since their daughter came along. Sue says that sometimes they just need that bit of a space to get a good night’s sleep, charge up the batteries and be ready to take on the world again. I’m not a great sleeper myself so when I’m on holiday and would like to make the most of not having an alarm clock blaring, I put drops of lavender oil on my pillow … knocks me right out!

  6. Haha, I get kicked out of bed all the time! But it’s usually by one (or more) of our kids. Oh how I miss my king-sized bed!

    But yeah, when little ice-cube feet keep me awake for hours, eventually I go climb into one of my kid’s beds. Every now and the it’s because of dh, but not usually. I can’t function on so little sleep, I’d rather sleep in the bunk-bed than half on the floor.