Getting a new direction

You ever hear a song on the radio, see a person, or read a blog that just feels like someone is smacking you upside the head? You know, those moments where you really are rubbing the back of your head looking around only to realize you truly are alone in the car?

No? Only me? That sure explains the weird looks on the way home last night!

Anyway – on the way in to work I was rocking it out to the radio when a great country song came on called “Real” by James Wesley. It sure caught my attention. Especially the line about “the survivors are farmers in John Deere hats.” Then later that day as I flipped through my reader a blog post on The Nut House about a frustrating situation with the hubby’s job caught my attention. I’ve been there before! But as I read it, I had to thank the writer for the smack upside the head.

Then I’m driving home and yet again I get a smack on the head. And let me tell you…I’m getting awfully tired of the smacks. My head is starting to hurt!

But in all this, I got the message that I need to realign my compass.

I make no qualms about the fact that I’ve been struggling with feelings of dissatisfaction, of feeling like greener pastures are just out of our reach, and that we are not quite as lucky as our counterparts. Very much a Wal-Mart shopping bag in a roomful of brand-name mall products type feeling. But after yesterday I started really thinking, looking and paying attention.

In other words I turned my compass around and realigned myself.

I saw how wonderfully blessed I am that at ages 26 & 29, Alex and I OWN our home. And not only do we own it, but if, please no!, we needed to replace the roof and hot water heater tomorrow we could. We have savings and yes, credit, to do so because we’ve paid off most of our bills. We still have a little left, but we have a plan and that plan is moving us in the right direction.

We are blessed to each have only ONE job each. A job that pays us regularly and while there are good days and bad days for each of us, we are managing on our own.

We are blessed with family who doesn’t mind us raiding the pantry for food they won’t (or shouldn’t be Mr. just slightly diabetic) eating to take to our own house. Who are willing to sign up for the crazy family plan for phones and more just so we don’t pay $60 for phone service. And with family that is close enough to call when ::ahem:: one of us needs to borrow a ladder, a ride, or just a hug and chit-chat.

We are blessed with friends who call to see if everything is ok and when you spell out the cold hard truth ask if you need a check, no questions asked. Who, despite their own busy schedules, come during the worst of moments and the best of moments because that is just what friends do. And who make time, every time, to visit when they are in town no matter why they are in town.

We are blessed to be able to afford to shop at Wal-Mart and buy that random shirt with the funny saying to wear to work the next day just because. Or the curtains for the house that make it seem a little more like Christmas and a little less like “eh who cares.” We are blessed to be able to honestly consider a vacation, not this year, but next year. To talk about a family and not wonder if…then…statements.

I am blessed to have interweb friends who read this blog and comment. Who let me share my thoughts and ideas, my concerns and my questions, my joys and my laughter. I am blessed that I have this option. I am blessed that I can call y’all friends.

Someone recently commented that we seem the perfect happy couple and we aren’t. We have debts that we are working on paying. We fight. We don’t always get along. We say things we regret and then have to apologize. Our bank accounts aren’t always full, heck they sometimes are even a bit scary, but we are here. We are warm, fed, loved, and housed. We have each other. So in my opinion we are doing pretty dang A-O.K.

So, thanks everyone…the smacks on the head were heard loud and clear!

And on that note I leave you with a tid-bit of wisdom Alex spouted out last evening whilst I was attempting to drink a glass of milk. (note to self, do not attempt to drink a beverage when your husband gets that twinkle in his eyes and says “I have an idea…”. *noted)

We have a tree. A tree our cats like to eat. Alex has a solution, an idea if you will. As Alex explains “We can have a real tree. All we need is a 4 foot, no 7 foot high clear plastic tube that wraps around the tree. Maybe with lights in the base to make it pretty colors. A tree condom! We can call it The Tree Tube. We’ll be millionaires!”


8 responses to “Getting a new direction

  1. Ramblings of a Singleton

    Brilliant! I think this is my favourite post so far. P.S. patent the tree condom idea ASAP — just look at the guy who made millions from coming up with the idea of putting a cardboard collar around take-away hot drinks!

  2. You know, I almost deleted that post before I published it.

    It was hard for me to admit that even with all of our planning, it is all falling apart.

    Sorry I smacked you upside the head so hard, I will try to be more careful next time 😉

  3. barefootpreachr

    Sounds like my little girl is growing up! 😉

  4. I wish more people your age were so grateful for all they have.
    Yes, you are blessed!