A letter to Mother Nature

Dear Mother Nature,

I believe perhaps you may be just a tad confused. You see, it’s now December 9th and we live in the state of Georgia. A bare two weeks ago Alex, myself, and my family sat on my Mom & Dad’s back porch and ate our Thanksgiving meal. At 7 p.m. Because it was that warm.

Now, for the past week temps have been below freezing. Not only have they been below freezing, this weekend temps in GEORGIA are predicted to create snow. Snow…in the state where if a single flake falls school gets cancelled, groceries sell out of milk and bread, and everyone forgets how to drive.  It is so cold here that temps have hit records lows over 20 degrees below what it should be.

Ireland, as my dear internet friend explained the other day, finally had a day that bookies have long feared. It snowed. Florida, you know The SUNSHINE State, where “snowbirds” traditionally go to avoid cold weather in the winter have experienced frosts this week.

FROSTS!! We can’t afford frosts in the sunshine state, they produce oranges. Oranges that Santa procures for us every year to stick in the toe of our stockings. Oranges that make juice which Alex consumes by the gallon. Oranges we only get from Florida.

And here is the crazy part, you decided that in a mere 10 days that we’ll have snow and then temps in our normal range. The 50’s.

So I’m forced to inquire, in the eagerness for the season we have all begun to enjoy, have you just maybe tipped the eggnog? Or perhaps, in all the gift giving and sharing you’ve misplaced your list of who gets what weather? No matter the reason, I sincerely hope you find your mind again. I am more than happy to help, and I’m sure I’m not the only one. You’ve only to ask.

With loving concern,

One frozen Georgia Peach


10 responses to “A letter to Mother Nature

  1. Love this post…my brother & sister-in-law live in GA as well and they said it’s been absolutely frigid! I guess that’s one good part of living in San Francisco…it’s been a little rainy, but not all that cold…

    Stay warm!!! 🙂

    Oh, and thanks for the heads up on the Giant Pandas!!! Sounds like I need to go shopping!

  2. Hi! We’re in Texas so we’ve barely pulled out a couple of sweatshirts, but the kids have enjoyed some eggnog. They look forward to me buying it every year!

  3. Well, let’s see. We had lots of snow last week and since then it’s been about 40 degrees every day with rain. All the snow is almost gone and we can see the leaves that we didn’t get raked up. Which means we still have to rake them.

    We want our snow back. It’s why we live in a northern state. If I wanted warm weather, I’d move to Arizona.

  4. When it’s cold, it’s a good time to use the oven and get lots of baking done.
    We are finally warming up to 73 deg down here in South Florida for the next 3 days, and THEN it’s to be colder than it was last week (down in 30s at night).
    I’m going downtown with 4 friends tonight to do a Xmas tour through 2 historical homes. Festive and fun!

  5. Ramblings of a Singleton

    I LOVE this post! Snow is pretty on a Christmas card and all that, but when it brings everything to a standstill, it’s not that much fun!