One Naughty Black Cat

You’ve heard about our cats. You know those sweet darlings. They do nothing but lie around and look angelic all day long.

Yea. Right.

We do not have many rules around our house for our cats. In fact, we’re pretty dang open with what the cats can climb on. However there are TWO very hard and fast rules in this house. Rule number one is Cats do NOT climb on our counters, tables, hutch, etc. Basically anything in the kitchen and dining room area. Rule number two is every time they are caught doing something they shouldn’t we lay them on their backs and basically show dominance. Feline style.

I.E. We have staring contests. With our cats. Alex always wins. I always giggle. Which is why Alex is in charge of this rule now.

Tonight, we caught a certain someone ::cough HARLEY cough :: walking all over our kitchen counter. Not only walking on it. When yelled at he sat there. Staring at us. Like the moody teenager he is.


Rule #2 became officially in to play at this point. Harley, being a not so stupid creature, took off for our guest room. A mere minutes later I hear Alex call for me from behind the shut door.

“HONEY! Get in here!”

“What dear?”

“Harley is stuck IN the box-springs.”

Oh yes my friends, you just read that right, Harley climbed up in the box springs. Wedged his little tooshie up in there so nicely that Alex could not get him. Score: Harley 1 – Alex 0. Unfortunately, he also wedged himself in there so tightly he could no longer extract himself. Instead he found all four paws dangling to the ground while his legs remained entangled in the springs, his stomach on the wooden slats. Harley 0 – Box-springs 1.

(Now I realize this photo does not contain a cat trapped in the box-springs, because I felt bad and wanted him out. I was mad but I’m not that mean of a Momma.) After we get the cat out, he’s suddenly quite eager to remain in Alex’s very safe, warm arms.

In fact, now you can’t get him off of you. I tried. He just decided he was secretly a parrot.

Or the ground was made of hot lava.

One can never be too sure.

Gotta love the excitement that goes on in our daily lives. Icy roads and crazy cats, I’m not sure how I’m supposed to make it to the holidays.


9 responses to “One Naughty Black Cat

  1. *giggle* Cats are so funny.

  2. I can’t wait to pet and hold your cats when I visit you!
    The box spring story is a riot!

  3. This is why I LOVE cats. There’s always furry entertainment running around!

  4. We have two cats that we spoil far too much as well. I love the mischief cats find!

  5. Cats certainly are creative. One of ours used to climb inside cabinets and dresser drawers if they were open. I wouldn’t always see her, she was little, and then hear this loud meowing later on that I’d have to track down.

    visiting from SITS