Pressing Pause on the Holiday

Christmas is this week, and I am not quite so excited. See this year things are going to be different. Very different.

Every year we get up on Christmas morning and either go to, or are already at, my Mom & Dad’s house. We rise and shine and first things first rush to our stockings to open gifts like the 5 year olds we secretly are. Then Mom makes her mimosas for all and a yummy breakfast casserole. We eat, drink, get merry and get dressed before all gathering around the tree. Where gifts are open round-robin style. Every person gets a gift, every person opens their gift one person at a time, and repeat.

We have done this in my family for well, forever, and when Alex and I got engaged and subsequently married he was absorbed with love into this fun family tradition. And things would be going swimmingly along this year except we were thrown a curve ball.

This year, mimosas are out. Breakfast casserole is out. Rushing to our stockings is out. A whole of stuff is out. Because for this year, Alex is going to work. Yuppers, I just said work. Turns out his employer operates this aspect of their business (and their contract workers) without regard for Christmas Day. Or the fact that he already worked Thanksgiving Day. He will get up and head to work like it were any other day of the year, coming home around 5 p.m.

Where we will go to my Mom and Dad’s then for Christmas Day about 8 hours late. It’s weird.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m grateful he has a job. I’m grateful he gets extra money for working a holiday. I’m grateful that he gets to come home and celebrate the day at some point, which is unlike so many others out there whose family is unable to celebrate with them. But this is still odd.

Things aren’t bad, just different. And I deal with different slowly. Still I am focusing on the positive. Mom has promised us mimosas no matter what time we get there! YAY!

Do you have any fun family holiday traditions that you wouldn’t want to give up? Perhaps you open gifts on Christmas Eve or maybe you have stockings on your bed not near your fireplace on Christmas morning? I’m all about learning new traditions, so please do share!!


10 responses to “Pressing Pause on the Holiday

  1. It’s not so much a tradition in the general sense of the word, but Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without our little singing bird. Every year my family puts out this little Christmas cardinal into a common area. This little bird is noise activated, so when someone closes a door too loudly, yells, the doorbell rings, the dog barks, etc, this little bird bursts into song and chirps one of its 5 preprogrammed Christmas tunes. It’s always singing (you know how loud my house can get, so you know the bird is always going off) but it really makes it feel more like the holidays.

    It’s also good for laughs when the dog barks, sets off the bird, whose singing in turn scares the dog, causing him to bark more and keep the bird going off… rinse and repeat. 🙂

  2. The bird story from Vikki is a riot! A new one on me…..
    The past 15 yrs I’ve spent quite a few Christmases alone as I’m sure lots of older people do. It’s a little tough the first time, but after that it’s okay.
    I’m lucky now because I have so many friendly neighbors that make sure I don’t have to spend it alone. Plus our condo has the Xmas dinner at the clubhouse the Sun. eve. before Xmas and it’s festive and wonderful.
    I have lots to be thankful for and give thanks daily for everything I have.
    I’m really sorry Alex has to work. I hope by the time you have children he will be off either Xmas Eve or Xmas Day. Old traditions are important to families but eventually you have to establish your own set of traditions.

  3. We have a whole different problem now that we’re married. In years past we tried to do certain things over Christmas together with each other’s families, but since we each had 3 different Christmases to go to some were done apart. Now that we’re married we feel like it’s time that we do the whole holiday together. That meant disappointing a few people (for example my hubby’s “neighbor family” Christmas Day morning brunch) so that instead of 6 DIFFERENT CHRISTMASES we only had to do 4. It is SO HARD to get people to realize that when you get married, sometimes you have to create your own traditions and phase other ones out.

  4. Yeah, marriage totally ruins family traditions. 🙂 We go with Bailey’s in our coffee in place of the mimosas. What is it about Christmas morning that requires getting a little tipsy???

  5. Ramblings of a Singleton

    Ah, that’s a shame, but at least ye will eventually be together on the day. One of my favourite Christmas traditions is playing cards in my parent’s house with the extended family on Christmas night. And of course, you already know about my crazy tradition on Christmas morning of taking the forty foot plunge, though I might skip that one this year as I don’t particularly want to climb back out of freezing cold water into the snow!