Snooping Around the Christmas Tree

It’s the week of Christmas! Now is the time to shake those gifts, squish the gifts, and snoop around to see what Santa may have dropped off a little early for you!


Wait, you don’t do that anymore? Ack! Where is your childhood spirit? Ah oh well, I’ll enjoy squishing and squeezing and shaking my gifts all by myself then.

Sunday night Alex sat oblivious in the kitchen where he fiddled around on the computer, while I sat alone in the living room. Wrapping gifts. His gift to be exact. Well his gift and several other gifts. Now he wants to know oh so desperately what is in this gorgeous gift of his.

And I ain’t tellin!

Me, I want to know what is in this pretty little gift.

See I already know WHERE it came from so I have a fairly good idea of what it might be. But I can’t get it to make any noise.

It’s not very squishy.

This year I really don’t know what is under the tree.

So do any of y’all look under the tree and try to guess what you are getting? Do you have ideas as to what you are getting? Or hope you are getting? (I know what I am HOPING for, but DSLR cameras do not come from Canton Jewelry.)


11 responses to “Snooping Around the Christmas Tree

  1. A will say I am too good at guessing my gifts and I am too curious. I had a birthday present guessed the day before my birthday. It was weird though….because I had a dream about my twin sister’s charm bracelet the night before the birthday party. So when I told him this dream, he was totally disappointed and gave me the gift a day early: a Pandora charm bracelet.

    So now I am barely allowed to touch gifts, much less shake or squeeze them because I somehow had a premonition of what my birthday gift was two years ago. This year, my Christmas present is a huge box that magically appeared under the tree a week or two ago. By magically, I mean that we were sitting on the couch watching TV and I look over at the tree and finally notice this huge present after being home for 20 min. 🙂 Four more days…and I will finally know!

  2. HAHAHAHA…. ah, sigh. I would totally snoop around my presents. Except I know no one who has all their presents ready, much less pacakged.

    Ah, to live a life with organized, prepared people. I’m just not sure I’d know how to react.

  3. I leave my presents alone because I like them to be a total surprise when I open them. Sometimes the shape gives them away though.

  4. Your so cute. I’ll tell you a secret ever since I was a kid I would sneak down in the middle of the night and open everyone stockings, ha ha. Then I would place them back just as they were and go back soundly to sleep. I am still so tempted to do this, even though the only stocking I didn’t do myself is mine, ha ha.

    • HAH that is cute Jenna! I’d do this as well, except our stockings are at my parents house and they might oppose me driving over there at midnight or later just to sneak a peak. I’ll have to stick to being nosy over the gifts I can see I guess.

  5. Is he faking you out? That, or it could be a ring. They don’t make noise. Too fun! I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas!

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