The gift that keeps on giving

Well to continue on with yesterday’s theme about gifts, Alex and I started talking about the best and worst gifts we’ve ever received. It was quite a hilarious conversation as we recounted what were probably some of the most awkward gifts we’ve ever gotten. I mean really, who doesn’t remember the BEST gift and the WORST gift they have ever gotten? You do right?

Alex spilled the beans on his worst gift as being clothing. (Which truth be told didn’t surprise me in the least, what guy actually likes getting shirts for school when they are young? Clothes. School. There is no joy here.) But what cracked me up was not that he got clothes, but that clothes were all in the wrong size! Luckily, in a sense, they fit his younger brother so they did not go to waste and were well-loved by someone in the family. However, poor Alex ended up with no gift that year from that particular giver due to some very inaccurate sizing.

Of course this revelation made me ask what the best gift he had ever received was, and with that a tall tale poured from his mouth. Evidently one year his parents surprised both him and his brother with those cars you can ride in and drive. You know, these things:

Except, they made one fatal flaw…the gifts were under the tree.

So Alex and his brother go running down the stairs, hoot and holler in excitement, and then hop in their respective vehicles (Alex’s was a Jeep….is anyone surprised? I thought not.) in order to ZOOM all over the house. When told to take it outside, to my understanding, they rode those bad boy toys out the door and down the stairs where they continued to enjoy the best gift ever.

Or as Alex says it “ THE. BEST. GIFT. EVER!!!!” (I was a tad disappointed that I was not his best Christmas gift ever since we were engaged during the holidays, but clearly I hold no candle to cars. Or Jeeps. Figures.)

Now me, I had to think about the worst gift for a few minutes. I mean, I’ve gotten some pretty strange ones over the years…

From the “Boyfriend Pillow” where I guess my grandmother felt bad that I was lonely and single that year?

To the oh so popular shoe full of oil and herbs.

But then I thought about it, and I remember what my dearest darling hubby gave me our first Christmas together as a couple. We had just gotten engaged. The man had teased and taunted me for weeks with how AWESOME my gift would be. I was really looking forward to opening it on Christmas morning. And when I did, what do you think I saw? Diamonds? No! The computer game I love? No! A gift certificate for a massage? No way!


A car part. A trunk pull-cover to be exact. (Can you feel the love tonight…) Although, I’ll give him credit, its in my car still. And I use it, when I use my trunk. Which is rare, but hey its there!

Now then, the best gift I’ve ever received would have to be a toss-up between the year my Mom managed to snag me a Cabbage Patch doll and Alex’s gift of a charm bracelet from last year. (He went to my Mother for guidance on this one) The doll means a lot and she is still around.  My mom loves to tell how she went to the store and had to fight to keep it in her arms because people were so crazy that year. The bracelet is something I treasure because I wear it every day and it’s a gift that keeps on giving. I started out with 3 charms and now I’m up to 5 charms and each one means something super special to me.

So there you have it, our best and worst gifts ever. What about you? I know you have one that still makes you chuckle (hello boyfriend pillow!) and one that still makes you sigh in joy. So what are they?


5 responses to “The gift that keeps on giving

  1. Ramblings of a Singleton

    Where does one get a boyfriend pillow?? How I wish I had one of those bad boys to pull out when the extended family start enquiring about my other half during the holidays! LOL! My worst present has to be a toaster. Granted, I’d only signed for my apartment a few weeks before that particular Christmas and I can understand the thinking behind it, but still?! As for my best present, it has to be a fairy doll I got when I was maybe eight or nine. I still have her. She’s porcelain, dressed in beautiful pale pink satin and her delicate wand is wrapped in beautiful ribbon.

  2. LOL! This is already scheduled as my blog post for my Friday Favorites–What’s your favorite gift? I love the boyfriend pillow! Ha!

    I’ll tell you my worst gift. It was my first Valentine’s Day present from Jason. He gave me a huge hardback book on the Vietnam War! It was awful! I still give him hell about it today. He thought since I was a political studies major, I’d like it. So romantic.

    • You know I follow Jason’s logic about as well as Alex’s. Its “useful” but we don’t want useful for the holidays. We want something we wouldn’t splurge on for ourselves. Men…you think they’d get a clue!