Stuffing the Stocking

ACK! I have a holiday emergency. A small one, but an emergency nonetheless. And it all has to do with a sock! A very special sock I might add. It’s Alex’s sock. His cowboy boot style sock that hangs from our Mantle.

Since Alex has to get up at 2:30 on Christmas morning and head in to work I thought that I’d sneak his stocking into his Jeep for him to find. He’s pretty bummed about working and I thought that this might just make him smile on his way in, but … I haven’t shopped for this at all.

And I don’t plan to shop for it until I get some gift ideas. But I’m clueless.

He’s so hard to shop for as is, but hey he’s a guy. They are all like that I’m told.

What does your man, Dad, brother, best-friend, whatever guy you know find in his stocking on Christmas morning? Is there anything in particular that thing is a great idea?

I don’t want to stick anything “big” in there because I hear Santa’s going by my Mom & Dad’s place with all of our big gifts this year. But I do want him to have a good morning even if it is on his way to work.

So friends, readers, stalkers of the blog…I need your help! Please give me some ideas. I’m going to shop tomorrow for this and put it all together, but I’ll take photos and post them up on the Saturday Shots post for y’all to see what your ideas have wrought.

Thanks in advance!


7 responses to “Stuffing the Stocking

  1. Ramblings of a Singleton

    According to my 35 year old brother who still gets a stocking at our parent’s house, Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas unless there was a bag of those chocolate gold wrapped coins in his stocking. I always think stockings are for fun small items rather than serious presents.

  2. I always put their favorite candy, a nice razor, shaving gel, and maybe some manly body wash. My husband requested a new loofa or the kind that you use on your back, so that’s going in his. And if I find any cool little gadgets, I put that in the stocking too.

  3. The stocking is where I always put a small action figure or toy of whatever guy movie happens to be the year’s favorite. Candy is always a must, too! Does he have access to hot water at his job? Maybe some hot chocolate or instant coffee to perk him up since he has to get up so early? Hope you find everything you need!

  4. A bag of the good kind of beef jerky, nice work gloves and the other stuff recommended.

  5. I can’t help you with ideas, but what an awesome stocking! And how luck are you to get a Nook Color? That’s a great gift!

  6. I hope you found some great things to put in there. Stockings are always a bit of a problem for me too. You can easily spend a fortune filling those things!

  7. I didn’t quite respond in time, but that’s okay, because I’m dreadful at gift suggestions.

    However I’m in love with that stocking.

    In complete, total love.

    Just thought you’d want to know.