I’m Dreaming of A White Christmas

Hi y’all! I haven’t forgotten you; I hope you haven’t forgotten me. Hello? Anyone?

Wowser was Christmas 2010 a bit of a rush this year.  I hope everyone had a great holiday and enjoyed themselves immensely! I don’t know about y’all but Santa must have decided I was dang good this year.

My gifts ranged from a Nutcracker (I love these guys) to towels and storage containers. All in all I was very happy about what I received. The only thing I wasn’t so dang happy about?

Why our “White Christmas!”

I know. I know. I know. Most people love the concept of a White Christmas, but I’m a wimp. A Southern wimp at that. Cold stuff falling from the sky? Why yes I shall horde my milk, eggs, and bread as if the world, and all the grocery stores, shall end tomorrow. I fully admit that I hate snow and ice and all thoughts of venturing out in said items.

I also realize I’m in Georgia. So people in the northern states are probably reading this slack-jawed, eyes-glazed and brain-boggled at my declaration of a winter catastrophe. Heck, people here in Georgia are probably questioning my sanity right now, but fact is….the white stuff on the ground and the clear “water” also known as Black Ice (or Georgia’s interstate skating rink) freak me out. Even when the lights make it all “look” pretty.

Luckily I’m not alone. Turns out everyone else in the state was a tad “concerned” over the first snow to drop AND stick on Christmas Day in Atlanta since oh 1880. You know, not that long. How do I know others were a tad worried? Why the entirely empty egg and milk sections of the local super Wal-Mart on Christmas Eve. Can’t call us un-prepared!

So Christmas with the family, watching my father play Rock Band with my brother, and time spent with everyone and then the hubs when he got home…priceless. Making my father pick me up from our house so that I didn’t have to risk driving in diddily squat, worth its weight in gold.

On a high note, once we did get back home to our house safe and sound, I was willing to WALK in the snow and slush and ice to take photos. I stopped by our neighbors house to get some photos and then played with the LED lights down the street as well.


What about you? How did your holidays turn out? Get anything good, great, or a bit questionable?


8 responses to “I’m Dreaming of A White Christmas

  1. Ha, I’m in Georgia for Christmas too! And our flight to get home to CT got canceled (we were flying into JFK). Yay for more time with family, boo for having to deal with the snow when we get home.

  2. I hope it’s not snowy when I get up there in 3 weeks, but it sure looks pretty.

  3. I got a few things I’m not crazy about… luckily I’m well practiced in the art of the return/exchange!

    I love your snowflake background, it is so pretty!

  4. Ramblings of a Singleton

    Ah snow … beautiful on Christmas cards, romantic in films but in reality, it’s a far cry from its perfect white blanket image. Surely we can sue someone for false advertising?!! Christmas was lovely and I did well, but god bless my mother, she always manages to get it a bit wrong. I got the beautiful angora Cardigan I’ve had my eye on for a while, but not in the colour I liked. Similarly my brother got the brand of aftershave he likes, just not the particular scent (Hugo Boss has several different options). Still, her heart is in the right place and, even if she does get it slightly wrong, she always seems to be in the right area when it comes to our gifts!