The Most Wonderful Part of the Season

One of my absolute favorite things about the holidays is visiting with people.

Especially people I don’t see often. And while spending time with my family was super wonderful, probably one of the biggest highlights of the entire Christmas days off mini-vacation I had, was seeing old friends.

We went to dinner and talked and talked and talked (no really, we talked so long that the servers finally asked if they could have one of our tables to seat other people) about what was going on in our lives now and reminiscing about when we were younger. It’s great to see the fluidity of our friendships as we all get older. You see we have A & his best bud Jack who have known each other since grade school. Then A and I who have known each other for … holy cow… more than half of our lives. Then you toss in the cutest couple of Ryan and Lisa who we’ve known for years as well. Ryan and I were in band together, Lisa met all of us through Church activities. Plus Ryan and Andrew, super close friends. I mean, heck involved in each other’s respective weddings type close.

Then on top of all of those spaghetti plates of relationships you toss in the spouses. We have the lovely and wonderful G who is the wife of my best guy A. (Hi G! Teehee) Then you have Alex. It’s just a super fun mix!

After we all ate and talked A LOT. Alex decided that he’d best head off to bed since he had to work the next morning, but the rest of us…well we weren’t done talking. So off we headed to the coffee shop where Lisa and Ryan proved that compared to them we were all dumber than bricks when it came to ordering “fancy” coffee. More talking, more laughing, and most importantly more visiting ensued.

The guys did their thing…

While the ladies sat with decorum (well we sat anyway!) and from what I gather, these two discussed visiting in the very near future.

I tried to take lots of photos but I was 1. Trying to be inconspicuous and 2. Pay attention to the multiple conversations. As a result all the ones I took are horribly blurry. My bad! Plus Alex left so he isn’t in any photos and I’m taking all the pictures so I’m not in any photos. Jeez at this rate y’all I can start to make up ideas of what I look like.

Wait. I like this idea. Hold that thought…..Here is my holiday photo! (I wish)

Holidays are such fun, but the relationships you get to strengthen during that time always make it the best of times. Now…how to make more holidays up in a year so we can visit more often!


5 responses to “The Most Wonderful Part of the Season

  1. Ramblings of a Singleton

    Sounds like loads of fun — old friends really are the best! What instrument did you play in band?

  2. I absolutely agree! My chosen family are the best, and it sounds like you have a great one, too.

  3. Sorry. It’s Shannon from I’m too lazy to sign out of my latest project. 🙂