Getting completely sucked in

Alex knows me really well. Which is handy when you consider we’re married and all that jazz.

And all that JA-E-AZZ!!! (name that movie!)

Which is why I evidently need to learn to shut my mouth. See I have a slight confession to make to you, my internet friends. I. Well you see, Iamaclosetgamer. Ok Ok Ok. I’ll say it a little more clearly. I am a gamer. A nerd. A World of Warcraft fanatic.

Granted I don’t go to ComicCon or Blizzcon. I’ve not yet gone to DragonCon, even though it happens in my own back yard so to speak, but oh my gosh. I love WoW. I’ve dressed up as a Night Elf for Halloween one year, purple body paint and all.  (Luckily all photos of that event have been lost.) I had, up until the last edition of the game, had each edition dutifully up-loaded on my computer and gorgeously displayed in our office. You get the idea.

But here’s the thing. I’m a BAD closet gamer. Why?

Well mostly because, long story short, the 1st release of the game allowed you to go to level 60, 2nd release allowed for level 70, and the 3rd release allowed for level 80. It took me until release #3 to reach level 60. I play, I love it, I grow bored in about 2 hours. I don’t hop back on to play again until a week later. So I turned off my account when we moved because no internet meant no playing and I fell out of habit.

Fast forward to two days ago and I was caught by Alex drooling over release #4. Cataclysm. But, I didn’t want to spend the money and well I just didn’t have anyone to play with anymore. So I denied Alex the ability to “treat” me to the game. We left, we went on our merry ways, and I completely forgot about it.

Until I came home and saw this:

Which in turn led to me squealing and jumping up and down when Alex whipped out this:

So my internet friends, that is my daily confession. Now please excuse me while my inner nerd comes RAGING back to the forefront. I have a few dragons to kill and a priest to level up to level 70. (Told you I’m a bad gamer.)

Does your hubby, wife, significant other, etc ever catch you totally off guard like this? I sure hope so because otherwise I’m the biggest sucker on the planet.


One response to “Getting completely sucked in

  1. Ah, WOW. How I hate that game, it’s the bane of my existence. My husband plays ALL the time. He was really upset when his collector copy didn’t arrive on release day and was backordered till January. He finally got it but it required me driving 30 miles in the fog to go get it and I was not happy about it. If you’re looking for a guild, let me know I’m sure he would love to have you in his. As of last week, he was at level 85. Does that tell you how much he plays?