Tossing out the Old and Hanging the New

Its only 4 days in to this new year and already things have started going so crazy that I’m just plan ol’ having trouble keeping up!

This past weekend Alex and I went out and did some more shopping for stuff around the house. We also went antiquing and found a couple of items that we’ve earmarked for future possibilities. Then we also managed to get rid of a bunch of stuff that we no longer needed.

It’s very much out with the old and in with the new sort of mentality around our household right now. Well, ok it’s more like out with the old and in with the old (but new to us) type mentality, but we try. Still, in all of this my absolute #1 favorite thing we got rid of…

Were these BLUE blinds.

Who on earth thought up blue window blinds? I mean, they are annoying enough as is, why on earth did you decide to make them blue? (or pink, green, or pretty much any other color with the exception of white and cream) In their place Alex hung up new curtains.

Personally, I think our bedroom now looks like “home.” I know, such a strange concept when its our furniture and décor and clutter (please ignore my clutter) that has been in the room for eleven months now, but the curtains just make me walk in and go “Home!”

In fact, in every dorm room, apartment, and now our house that I’ve lived in the first thing I want to do is hang curtains. That takes it from just being a dwelling to being our home. What about you? What is that makes your house go from just a cookie cutter house or apartment or dorm room to your “home” no matter how long you are living there?


12 responses to “Tossing out the Old and Hanging the New

  1. I think I’m about the same when it comes to making a place feel like home. I love to hang up photos, and curtains…and I most definitely start the change with painting the walls! I love neutrals and cooler colors, so it’s easy to coordinate with. My bedroom, when I moved back into my mother’s home, is in all shades of green, brown, and cream. Very earthy, very relaxing. And just very much my own piece of home.

  2. Ramblings of a Singleton

    Umm, you need to look up the definition of clutter!! New curtains blend in lovely. My apartment is my home thanks to many scattered books, various photo frames and my lovely, over-sized armchair that I love curling up in.

  3. As A and I have moved twice in the last year, I would say a place becomes “HOME” when we hang up our shelves, sconces, and now our new wall clock. Once those things were hung, I felt much more at peace. Since then, we have done some personal wall art for our master bedroom and bathroom and living room, a book shelf and a DVD storage unit. Since we didn’t know if we would live here more than a year, A did not want to invest the time in painting. Instead, we hung things on our walls. Also, since the wedding we have new vases to fill.

    For several months this year, we compacted our life into a one bedroom one bathroom closet space. I walked outside, in the rain on several instances, to do the laundry. It certainly made me appreciate personal space.

  4. Grandma Judy

    I remember years ago when you were down here visiting with me, we went to yard sales at the beach and we found pkgs of lace curtains for $1 each.
    You took them back up to Woodstock and had your dad hang them in your bedroom. Who knew then that you’d have to have curtains in your house to feel at home. Love your new ones!

  5. I’m constantly trying to make our condo a “home.” It’s almost an obsession. I’m glad you guys got rid of the blue blinds. 🙂

  6. Wow! The curtains make a WORLD of difference! For me, since I have lived in on-campus housing for 4 years and thus must abide by strict fire code rules, I make a place homey by sticky tacking as much stuff to the walls as possible to hide that generic, Institution White-ish paint. This year I also lined up my entire CD collection on a little wooden lip that runs around the top of our living room, which brought in some color and quirk. We also bought bright orange sheets at Savers to cover up the icky college-issue sofas. In spite of the paltry light that gets in, the place looks almost cheerful!