Dreading the Hearts and Flowers

Well it’s the first week in 2011 and I’m already cutting back on my bloggie posts. What a sad start y’all.

It’s not that I don’t love each and every one of you, I Do!, so much as I’m at a huge loss on what to write. You see, I don’t want to get on here and be all down in the dumps (or down in the dumbs as I initially typed it…which may be equally accurate) on my blah days. Nor do I want to get on here and be all happy happy joy joy (can you tell I was an 80’s child?) all the time either.

I want to keep it real man! Or Woman. Probably Woman.

So if my posts are a little fewer in number, please forgive me, but I’ll try to keep a regular schedule and ensure that each and every post is full of actual content and not mindless whining drivel. So with that said, on to the real(er) stuff!

The holidays have come and gone, you’ve probably packed up the decorations and put away the gifts you received.

But wait, what’s next?

Valentine’s Day! The holiday I like the least. Unless I’m single. WAIT! I know you are thinking I’m crazy, but I promise I am not.

Its candy, kisses, hearts, and love yes, but it’s also a the hardest to shop for in my opinion. I just spent all this time choosing the perfect gift for Alex in December. Now I have to find a way to show the hubby  how much I love him above what I do on a normal day or even a date night, but also be mindful of a lower budget and what all I have purchased for him the past year. Pain in my arse if you ask me.

So this year I asked Alex if we could something a little different. As you know, Alex worked Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day and New Year’s Day. Luck of all luck Valentine’s Day falls on a Monday this year so he is off! So I proposed we just spend the night away somewhere and turn off our cell phones, laptops, television, etc and just be with each other.

Alex is ok with the idea, but less than enthusiastic about it unless we get to ride horses.

In February.

In the mountains.

Still, I like horses and I like mountains so if this gets me a night away with the hubs I’ll bundle up in a few extra layers, steal his hat, and gallop away. Well…ride the horse who can gallop.

Still, being single was more fun around this time of year since  it meant I could go to fun things like go out with all my girlfriends and dance at the clubs till dawn. Or stay in with my pj’s on watching movies. (Which is closer to the truth to be honest.) Plus there was that total lack of shopping and thinking.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Alex and I love sharing that with him, but something about this particular holiday just rubs me wrong. Probably the best part of it every single year is the teddy bear my Dad always sends me. I’ve gotten a bear since I went to college and now have a collection of 7 bears in various shapes, sizes, and styles.

And I display them.

Year round.

What plans do you have for Valentine’s Day? It doesn’t matter if you are single, dating, engaged, or wed. I’m interested in how everyone celebrates the day. Or hides from it by staying in their pj’s all day.


11 responses to “Dreading the Hearts and Flowers

  1. I normally refer to Valentine’s Day as Singles Awareness Day, as normally I get left to sit at home, while all my friends, whether they are single, engaged, or married, go out with a “significant other,” and wonder why I’m still single.

    So normally, what I do, is pop in a funny movie with mom (if she’s not working) and we catch up and talk about how fun it can be to be single, and like you stated, not have to worry about gifts, or candy (Thank goodness cause I’ve started my exercise/weightloss goal, and don’t want to ruin it by eating candy! HAHA) or what have you. I do think it’s rather nice however, that I get to sit at home and not have to worry about impressing anyone, except myself…LOL!

    Plus I don’t really like celebrating a holiday that has morbid history behind it. Eep!

  2. First Valentine’s with A, we were boyfriend and girlfriend, I ruined it. I won’t go into details other than we went over to a friends house and were socially drinking and I got a bit too social. Needless to say, instead of spending a wonderfully planned day out together, I was in bed all day. Not exactly very romantic.

    Second Valentin’s with A, we were engaged at this point, I was coming home from weekend#2 (4 days long each weekend) of spending 8+ hours in a classroom. Lights down, candles lit, soft music playing, dinner on the table and wine already poured. I, of course, enjoyed dinner but promptly fell asleep on the couch afterward out of exhaustion from the class and the two hour drive home. Again, not exactly picturesque Valentine’s celebration.

    I was hoping this one would be different but at this point, its on a Monday and I will be coming home late from work. There isn’t a lot of time to be romantic when he has to be in bed an hour after I get home so he can get a descent night’s rest before waking up at 4:30 am.

  3. Ramblings of a Singleton

    Awh, I love what you and Alex have planned! It’s so more special than the obligatory hallmark card, love heart balloon and chocolate that the commercialisation of the day dictates — can you guess I’m single and just a bit cynical about the whole thing?! Cynical maybe, but not ‘depressed’. Like you I also think Valentine’s Day can be a great day for singletons. It’s a good excuse to break out the chocolate, put on the comfy pjs and watch a good film, or go out because, contrary to popular opinions, clubs and bars aren’t full of couples — it’s actually a good opportunity to meet someone! Thanks for helping debunk the myth that 14 Feb is only for couples!

  4. Grandma Judy

    When Valentine’s Day rolls around every year I think of my Grandma Owens (your great, great grandmother) who was born on that day. She was born in the 1800s and died at age 105. That was a long time ago, so I can’t ask her how she celebrated her birthdays back then.
    When I was teaching elem. music, I taught fun songs and games that week, but now that I’m retired, it’s just another day in sunny Florida.

  5. We are so unromantic. I make a heart shaped pizza and heart shaped cake and we buy a little candy for the kids and that’s it.

    My feeling is that I don’t want to go out on the busiest restaurant day of the year and I do NOT want flowers when they are overpriced. Practicality trumps romance.

    Your getaway sounds great to me. I would love horses in the mountains (maybe not so much in February though.)