One Dusty Ol’ Bag

There was this girl who had a ring, a beautiful ring that she cared for and wore day and night.

That ring symbolized a marriage, a wonderful marriage, to a Man.

Country man

The man was a country man whose boots could be found beside the bed in their house each night.

And in that house, this woman, she had a calendar to keep her dates from straying. And on that calendar there was a special date, a date to mark the two years of marriage to the country man whose boots were beside their bed, the bed she slept in where she wore her ring day and night.

And in the house which had a calendar that marked a special date, for the woman who wore her rings to symbolize her marriage to a country man, was a dress. A BEAUTIFUL dress. A dress the woman wore on that special day marked in the calendar when she agreed to wear that ring day and night to symbolize her marriage to the country man whose boots rested beside their bed.

Only, that dress, well it’s in a bag. A boring and lonely bag. Because that woman can’t figure out what on earth to do!

Yes, my wedding dress is still in the bag I placed it in on my wedding night (a year and a half ago) when I took it off and I am stumped. I know I do not want to sell my dress. I also know I should probably get it cleaned and stored to keep. Yet, to do so seems so….depressing…because it means I’ll never wear that dress again. This also seems awfully wasteful. What good is a dress that sits in a box for the rest of my life? Yet, again, I just can’t consider getting rid of it either. So right now it hangs in a bag, in our office, from our closet door where I can stare at the bag and wonder why I can’t seem to get past the point of deciding what exactly to do with that dress.

Does or did anyone else have this issue or am I totally alone here?


13 responses to “One Dusty Ol’ Bag

  1. First of all – love the new year header!

    Second of all – this might not be what you want, so you’ll have to balance it against the desire to have your daughters wear this dress someday, but have you considered either having a “destroy the dress” photo shoot or turning the dress into a craft project? You can do that either by modifying it into a dress you can wear normally or make it into a pillow/quilt/stuff animal.

    And that advice comes from someone who has no wedding dresses, so isn’t very knowledgeable!

    p.s. Those boots are adorable, as is this post.

    • Megan –
      This is Stephanie’s husband, Alex. I just wanted to say thank you for the comment on my “adorable” boots! They are the pair I wore on our wedding day. I now wear them EVERYDAY. If you’re interested in a pair for yourself, I highly recommend ARIAT brand found at most boot/western wear retailers or online as well. Again, thanks for the post!

    • I have considered the “Trash the Dress” photo shoot, but every time i start to think I want that my heart about stops at the idea of ruining the dress. :-p

  2. I have to say that for me, it is still too soon for me to part with my dress (mind you it should probably be too soon for anyone) because I’ve been married for 4 months now. It is also still sitting in the garment bag in our temporary closet.

    I have to say though, for me, my attachment to the dress is going to be a long one. I worked hard for that dress. I stressed about that dress. That dress and I have a bond. My bond was that my mother wanted me to buy something else on EBAY for $150. She wasn’t paying for it and She had no suggestions other than “that is too expensive”. I, on the other hand, found one dress while shopping with two of my bridesmaids and had to give up the perfect images of a very graceful and classic dress for a very classic wedding and pick another dress because my MOTHER did not think I should pay more than $150. The dress that I finally chose, I put my foot down. I was not budging. I spent $450 on it and didn’t bother to tell my mother. Because when I finally purchased that dress, with my own money, I was putting my foot down for more than just the dress, I was putting my foot down for my wedding. (I still owe my bridal consultant that worked with me one on one to find BOTH dresses a huge Thank You!). So no, I will not part with that garment easily. We have a history.

    Maybe someday I will preserve it but the practical side of me says,”why?? why waste that space in your closet if you are never going to wear it again?” and then the softer side speaks up and says,”why? because you love the image of you in the dress, the memories of you in that dress, it also symbolizes your strength through the wedding process.” Even if my mother did not (and still doesn’t) want me to marry A, he is the best thing that ever happened in my life. He is my best friend. I was not going to give him up because my mother thought better.

  3. Ramblings of a Singleton

    I have three suggestions based on what women I know have done with their dresses. The first is perhaps a little dated, but I think there’s probably still scope to do something similar. My mum donated her wedding dress to an orphanage where it was altered to make a communion dress for a little girl. My best friend wore hers to a fancy dress! And my sister, who wore a beautiful lace design, has kept hers in the hope that if/when she has children, part of the dress can be made into a Christening gown.

    Beautiful post, by the way. Your rings are gorgeous.

  4. get it stored and give it to your future daughter or something?

  5. Grandma Judy

    That dress helped you make you the beautiful bride you were. I think you should keep it “in case” you have a daughter someday who might considering wearing it for her wedding. It’s absolutely gorgeous!

  6. Whatever else you do, you need to get it cleaned ASAP. Sweat and stains can spread over time and destroy any plans you might have. After that, no hurry. Mine is still in storage 19 years later. There’s no way my girls will ever wear the ’91 gigantic sleeve style, but I love that christening gown idea.

    Also? I had a friend who removed the skirt and turned into a tree skirt for their Christmas tree.