Its New, Its Reviews

Boy oh Boy have I been busy working on something new and exciting for you! You see, for the past few weeks I’ve been thinking and thinking about how to place more giveaways up on the blog without seeming like I’m buying your love.

Though I probably am. Can’t you just love me for who I am?

Anyway, as part of that I’ve decided to create a WHOLE new blog page / blog all about product reviews. Now I won’t post there nearly as often as I post here, in fact I’ll always tell you here when you should look there. (because I’m nice like that…and scatter-brained enough to think y’all might be scatter-brained too!) But, when I do have a product review I’ll do my dangdest to giveaway whatever I’m reviewing. Or something related to it since my wallet does have limits and all.

I’ve tried to make it as interactive and well, simple, as possible by providing super easy categories and post titles. Additionally, I’ve provided a search button in case you ever need to look up something specific. It’s also super easy to get there, just click on my Reviews page on the blog and then click on Our Marriage Adventure’s Reviews button which looks just like this:

Now, to kick it all off – you should totally check it out since I’m giving away something today!


One response to “Its New, Its Reviews

  1. Ramblings of a Singleton

    Great idea! Will be sure to keep an eye on the review blog 🙂