Snowpocalyspe 2011

Well its day three of the 2011 Snowpocalypse and the natives have begun to get restless here in Our Marriage Adventure’s house. Not to mention the Snow has become Ice!

Now I realize all you Northeners might be laughing at how us Southerners are handling this little event. But you have to realize that the last time our area saw snow like this was the 80’s. Then when you toss on 1 inch thick ice on our major interstates, and a whopping total of SIX (yes I said 6) DOT vehicles equipped to spread ice melt, sand, etc and you have an eensy teensy little problem. So we’re stuck at home for the time being and while I can work from home and thus remain busy thanks to the internet and a slightly flexible job, Alex is not so lucky.

It always interesting to see what happens when you are cabin bound. Or in my case, to watch what happens to my normally content and relaxed hubby.

Day One  aka Monday, Alex was extremely relaxed. It was just another Monday off for him, something he’s used to. He watched a little t.v., played some PS2 games, watched me get stuck in the half-inch ice-coated snow, and tried to see if we could escape. We couldn’t.

Day Two aka Tuesday is when you could tell Cabin fever had start to set in. For example, Alex decided that the view from the door of the guest room should go from this:

To this:

Then he decided he should hang all of the photos and put up a new spice rack in our kitchen.

Which I love, even if he did use an old photo shelf I had lying around. Still, its creative and it works for me! By that evening I think he was going a little stir-crazy, especially when work contact him and said they were closing the facility down until Saturday and the melting of the ice.

Now its day three aka Wednesday and by this has been the most adventurous of days. This morning we attempted to drive me in to work. That was a total disaster. (I am a wuss and I ain’t afraid to show it)

So back home we came  organize our coat closet, scrap the driveway again, and hang more decorations around the house. So far my favorite is this one…

Now all three days I’ve been doing my best to work from home. Especially since having two stir-crazy people in the house would result in either World War 3 or the next large-scale extinction. But so far, I’m liking this whole “cabin-fever” business in Alex.

Except….Except, well I think things might have gotten a tad out of hand. You see, I just walked into our office and this is what I see.

The miser surrounded by his papers. Filing.

Something must be AND FAST!

So knowing he, and possibly me as well, is stuck here for the next two days do you have any ideas or suggestion as to what we can do to escape? Board games have been attempted, but Clue is rather hard to play when it’s just two people. You can only watch so much television and walking can be quite dangerous to your health. So please, I beg you – help us for He’s Got Cabin Fever and I’ve Got It Too!!!!! (name that movie!)

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11 responses to “Snowpocalyspe 2011

  1. Both try some new recipes. Altho I guess you might have to do some food shopping for that. Oh well, it was a thought.
    You are lucky you have a husband who will do housework and handyman stuff!
    I like working jigsaw puzzles. When Dick and I are stuck at his house 9000 ft in altitude in a blizzard, I can’t get down the mtn to visit mother, so we work jigsaw puzzles. Last time I was in Colo I bought a bunch at thrift shops and stored them under their guest bed so there they were when we were desperate for something to do.

  2. Build a fort and throw snowballs. That will work off some of that nervous energy………

  3. No suggestions other than to say can we have our snow back? We haven’t had any since Thanksgiving and I miss it. Maybe I’ll see some in Montana this weekend.
    It’s a great time to get things done around the house. Man, what I wouldn’t do to be snowbound 🙂 All that reading I have might actually get done.

  4. I think you’re handling it just fine. We’re never that productive on snow days. Of course, with the snow we get here, the novelty has worn off.

  5. I like the new layout of the guest room! It works better than the original way it was I think.

  6. Ramblings of a Singleton

    I sympathise, having been snowed in for much of Christmas and the period leading up to it. Picturesque it might be on day one, several days later it’s more than out stayed its welcome! If you feel like re-visiting your childhood, building a snowman can be fun (yes, I did do this!) Otherwise, I’m afraid catching up on chores, as Alex, has been doing is the way to go. I didn’t find any other way of amusing myself when I was house bound (except eating chocolate, which is always good!)