On My Own Time

So its way weird to realize that today is Friday. That means tomorrow is Saturday. That means tomorrow I don’t work. This means I can get all the little stuff that piles up during the week finished and put away and cleaned!

Wait a minute though. This has been a snow week. This means Alex has been home.

Which means Alex was bored.

Which means all the housework is done. The laundry is folded and put away, the linen closet cleaned out, the office straightened and organized, the guest room ready for guests, our kitchen is looking delicious, and our living room is ready for living.

So what’s a woman to do?

I’m going to grocery shop, but that won’t take too long because it’s just the basics we need. I’m going to get my oil changed, but again …. Not too long of a wait there either. So what else can I do to fill my time?

I suppose I could get out that ol’ dusty bag and see if the dress inside it even fits me. Then I could research who to get it professionally cleaned and stored by. That would take up maybe half an hour.

I could take more photos, but with temps in the 20’s my shivering hands might lead to more than a few shaky photographs.

Maybe I could bake some cookies? Of course if I do that then the dress in the bag that I tried on earlier isn’t going to fit much longer if at all!

What would you do if you had a whole day and no one to please but yourself? Ideally I’d be on a beach in a bikini sipping martinis, but a lack of warm weather and a bikini bod makes that likelihood non-existent. (At least I can have a martini…ok a beer.)

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4 responses to “On My Own Time

  1. I would read the day away. A could attest to me being able to practically read the weekend away given half a chance and a good book.

    Maybe you can find a new recipe that you are willing to experiment with? It could make your grocery store run a little longer and a little more interesting. A is still waiting for me to actually USE one of the recipe books in our kitchen. 😉

  2. I might go to the library and check out some movies, read awhile, bake something to warm up the kitchen, and make myself do at least one chore I have needed to get done for ages.
    Even if it was bad weather, I might bundle up and take a walk (or go to the mall and walk). Can’t stand it if I don’t do something active.