Some Sexy Red Heels

Well I started on the little sink curtains last evening, I took photos, I measured, I cut, and then I got highly distracted.

By my brand new iPhone. (Can you tell who is the techno-addict is in our household). So I had it set up and everything, then Alex and I had dinner together where he proceeded to play with the new phone and let’s just say time passed me by so quick I didn’t know what was happening.

However, today I promise I will sew those curtains to show you. If for no other reason than Alex will once again have my iPhone. Playing games.

That I secretly downloaded just to amuse him. But shhhh don’t tell him that!

However, first this evening I’m going out with a super great friend of mine. I personally can’t wait, because we’re going to go grab dinner. Then we are going Shoe Shopping!!! And really, what woman alive can’t appreciate shoe shopping? It’s like men hunting for food back in the old days, but more refined and in better outfits.

Now why we are going out is a bit funny, but it’s because my Dad is flying out to Florida and my Mom is going to be bored. So she said “Hey I have coupons, you want shoes…let’s go out!” So we are. And yes I did just say my Mom; she is one of my best friends in the whole wide world.

It wasn’t always this way, especially during my angst-ridden teenage years. Where it was just me and you against the evil PARENTS of the world. Clearly I’ve grown up and recognized that this isn’t exactly how things were, but hey hormones mess with ya!

So tonight, with my snazzy new phone I’m going out to shop for red shoes (I will post photos of my find(s) on twitter and the Facebook page) and spend time with my Momma. What about you? Have you been able to form a friendship with your parent(s)? Or perhaps you have another person that is your “go-to gal/guy.” What do you two do together?


4 responses to “Some Sexy Red Heels

  1. Maegan Hebebrand

    My mother is absolutely my best female friend, always has been. I can talk to her about almost anything. We often say there are “no boundaries.” After my mother, the next one I would consider close is my friend Sheena. She and I go hiking, go to wine tastings, and go to luncheons etc, together. If I can’t go to my mother, I go to her. And we didn’t use to always be friends! But now, she is most definitely my go-to girl. Although, I do find that she comes to me more for advice, especially on relationships, etc than I do her! HAHA!

  2. Ramblings of a Singleton

    I love that your mum is your best friend! What a great relationship to have! My family is quite formal. It goes without saying that we love each other dearly, but we don’t really express it through hugs, etc. Congrats on the new iPhone – it will dominate your life 🙂