Good Morning Charlie!

Well we went on our shopping trip last night and I had a BLAST!

My Mom and I do not have identical senses of style by any means. In fact her style is much more out there than my own. Case in point…leopard print, neon colors, and feathers are fairly typical items you can find on her suit jackets and shoes. Her philosophy is why by brown loafers when they have this nifty bright green pair right beside it?

We are also two wildly different shoe sizes. She shops in the size 9 area. I am in the size 7 area. So inevitably when shopping, she finds shoes I like but can’t find and vice versa.

Except this time…we agreed. (I also think that a new snow cone machine was delivered down under…if you get what I’m sayin’)

We saw these beauties, we Oooh’d and we Aaah’d and then because she couldn’t find them in her size, she made me put them on.

Sexy don’t ya think? I felt very Charlie’s Angel-ish in these. I’m sure you know that 7 inch multi-glittered platform heels are all the rage these days. If I could have managed to walk further than the mirror from the bench they may have just come home with me!

Despite the rejection of the above pair I was still extremely success in the hunt! I managed to snag a pair of black pumps and a pair of hot red sling-backs.

And for once, Alex wants to see me try on the shoes. I wonder why?

Do you ever try on anything absolutely ridiculous just for a great laugh? What and where and most importantly with Who?


5 responses to “Good Morning Charlie!

  1. Ramblings of a Singleton

    I love, LOVE those red shoes! The black ones are beautiful too, very classy! There’s nothing more fun on a shopping trip than trying on outrages, out there clothing / shoes you would never normally buy. I came across a crazy, hairy cardigan recently that I couldn’t resist trying on – it made me look like a gorilla! I got caught by a sales assistant trying to take a picture of it to send to a friend. I was so embarrassed that I told her said friend had been looking for something similar – she made me try it on, while she took a picture of me to send to my friend. Not sure if she was being genuinely helpful – or punishing me for mocking her stock!

  2. Glitter platform heels? There’s nothing ridiculous about those!

  3. Kat. Yes, THAT one.


    I have those shoes.

    No, really. I wore them to the Chamber of Commerce Banquet last week.